USPlabs Anabolic Pump Review

USPlabs’ has created Anabolic Pump, a new take on vasodilation and muscle “pump” science.

There are so many advertised “pump” agents on the market, does Anabolic Pump stack up against its competition?

USPlabs Anabolic Pump Ingredients

USPlabs Anabolic Pump uses the power of insulin to feed muscle, helping to stimulate their growth. Insulin also grows fat cells in the body, so you might be asking, “Why use insulin?” USPlabs has created a formula that uses a Selective Insulin Muscle Sensitizer, which stimulates your body to naturally become efficient at utilizing insulin in muscle cells.

Anabolic Pump is described to potentially saturate the cells with nutrients and glucose-helping to maintain and provoke powerful energy.


Anabolic Pump has received mixed reviews from users. In general we have found this stems from not knowing how to properly utilize the product. Directions say you must take Anabolic Pump 20 minutes before eating a high-carbohydrate meal. But they fail to mention the kinds of carbs needed to be affective.

Athletes who have gained the most out of Anabolic Pump have stuck to complex carbohydrates, things like brown rice and whole grains, whereas those who saw the least effect and even negative gains were eating starchy carbs, like white breads and pastas.


This product is not for the lazy supplementor. You need to educate yourself on how to take it in order to fully utilize its capabilities. Don’t expect results if you aren’t pushing yourself.

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USPlabs Anabolic Pump User Reviews

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    Anabolic Pump is a great formula for those considered “hard gainers”. As a personal trainer (and self proclaimed hard gainer), I’ve tried it, as well as recommended it to some clients. Gotta say, if you can stomach all the carbs, this may be the product for you to make some quality gains! After about a month or so taking this product and eating 50-60 g of carbs per meal, I managed to put about 6-8 pounds of quality muscle. Going to keep this product in my arsenal indefinitely!

    Aaron Lester
    May 23, 2011 at 9:12 pm

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