Types of Protein Powder

For anyone who is new to protein powders and supplements, it doesn’t take long to find out that not all protein powders are created alike.

Different types of protein are better at helping you repair muscle tissue than others; some protein sources will help cut calories and reveal tone by keeping you full, whereas other protein sources are rich in calories and fat that will help lean people bulk up.

So how do you discover which types of protein will give you the results you are looking for? Below you will find an in-depth analysis of different types of protein so that you can be more knowledgeable before you buy, rather than having to learn from your mistake by wasted time and money.

Whey Protein

different types of proteinOne of the most popular forms of protein powders, whey protein is a mixture of globular proteins that are isolated from the liquid that is a by-product of cheese production.

After milk solids coagulate, there is a clear liquid that is left over, called whey, that is 5% lactose, part mineral, part fat, and part protein — of course.

This protein is also rich in the amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine which are essential to the production of lean muscle mass. Whey protein has also become extremely popular because it is digested so quickly in the body.

However, whey protein isn’t very filling and doesn’t keep hunger at bay as well as other protein sources. This is great for those who need to increase the amount of calories that they consume each day, but might not be so good for someone who is looking to use a protein shake as a meal replacement.

Whey Isolate

Whey Isolate is obviously made from the same part of milk as whey protein is, but the difference lies in the way Whey Isolate is processed. While Whey Protein still contains lipids and lactose (read fats and sugars), Whey Isolate is designed to get rid of everything except the protein.

To get rid of all excess calories from the milk, Whey Isolate must be denatured and then renatured in order to be most useful for the body.

Typically, Whey Isolate consists of about 90-98% protein, whereas Whey Protein usually contains between 70-85% protein. Because Whey Isolate requires a more intense isolation process, it is typically more expensive than different types of protein.

Whey Concentrate

Another member of the whey family, Whey Concentrate is typically known as the most cost-effective member. This is because it requires less processing time than Whey Isolate, but still has more protein per gram than your average Whey Protein.

Blends of Whey Isolate and Whey Concentrates are very common and are also a great way to reduce the amount of calories that you consume without spending too much per serving of protein.

Casein Protein

Unlike whey, that only accounts for 20% of the protein found in milk, Casein Protein is responsible for 80% of the protein found in dairy products. Casein Protein also digests slower than whey products, which means that it can stay in your stomach and help you feel fuller for longer.

With 92% of its weight as pure protein, Casein Protein is very popular among bodybuilders who are looking for a concentrated source of protein without a lot of extra calories. In addition, research on casein has shown that the body is more inclined to use this protein source directly to build muscle mass rather than as energy.

Usually the best protein sources offer a conglomerate of milk proteins. Myotein not only combines three different types of whey protein, but casein protein, glutamine, colostrum and more ingredients designed to increase your production of lean muscle mass.

Egg Albumin

Although it might sound scientific, Albumin is simply the Latin term for “white,” which means that Egg Albumin powder is simply a concentrated version of egg whites. Egg whites contain less fat and less cholesterol than their yolks, but are often hard to isolate and prepare in everyday cooking, which is why Egg Albumin powder has become so popular.

Egg Albumin is a great protein powder for bodybuilders who want to focus on essential amino acids rather than non-essential amino acids. Because it isn’t derived from dairy products, Egg Albumin is also a great alternative to milk-based proteins for those who are lactose intolerant.

Soy Protein

Not as efficient as milk or casein protein, Soy Protein powder still beats out some types of protein for efficiency and fast absorption.

Its amino acid profile is quite average, not offering the same variety of amino acids as proteins from dairy sources.

Wheat Protein

This low-calorie protein source has recently become a popular vegan alternative to protein sources that are either derived from animals or unsustainable sources.

It is also lactose and cholesterol free which means that it is a low-fat alternative as well.

High in glutamic acid, wheat protein can help your muscles recover, but lacks enough essential amino acids to give you a full muscle-building profile.

Getting the Most out of Protein

With all the different types of protein, a lot of people ask, whats the best type of protein? But the answer is all of them. It’s important to fuel the body with different types of protein to get the most benefits. Form food to supplements or whey to casein, different types of protein offer different benefits. It important to get protein from different sources.

MyoteinOne of the best ways to get different sources of protein is through supplements like Myotein. Myotein has become one of the most popular, and arguably, the best protein powder on the market. And you can get it for a great low price on Amazon.com right now. Because Myotein combines 6 different proteins into a single supplement you get the benefits of fast-acting protein along with the benefits of protein that takes longer for the body to absorb.

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