BPI Iso-HD Review

BPI is a continuous industry favorite and maintains its Top 10 status in all review sites because of its impressive formulas.

The BPI ISO HD quickly turned heads when it was introduced. It claims to be a perfect combination of whey protein isolate and hydrolysate. Which, in theory, would be giving you crazy good absorbency and long lasting effects from the protein.

In this review I hope to shed some light on the entire ISO HD formula and give you a clearer understanding of the product so you can make an educated decision.

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First Impression of BPI ISO HD

BPI has set a standard for themselves which in many cases can be almost too high. They pride themselves on work that is beyond the regular supplement and that can do more for your body.

My honest first impression of this one was that it was a bit chalky, but otherwise the taste was spot on. Most people can get past the chalky textures of protein especially if they have a well built formula, which BPI does get to claim.

Along with that, long term users of the ISO HD have spread support across the internet because of their increased lean weight gains and reduced recovery time. If nothing else, BPI ISO HD does do it’s job, and it seems to do it well. So let’s dig into the formula to see why it works so well.

Digging Deeper into the BPI ISO HD Formula

Really the only important overall thing to note about this formula is that it is as basic as it gets. It is built around giving you absolutely no bullsh*t in your protein, everything is used either to improve taste or solubility.

The only thing that is really interesting is that they have created a protein complex rather than maintaining one type of protein for the entire mix. This could go either way depending on preference and how your body handles protein overall.

This complex contains 3 main ingredients:

Milk Protein Isolate: This is your base level milk protein, all whey protein comes from milk or dairy products. Many manufacturers will use milk protein isolate to provide a smoother texture and make their products easier to mix with liquids. It is important to note that milk protein isolate does have lactose, it takes up between 1% and 2% of the isolate. In this case I wouldn’t be overly concerned about it in this product, but if you do experience issues related to lactose intolerance this is probably the reason.

Hydrolyzed Whey Concentrate: Hydrolyzed whey concentrate is an oft questioned ingredient in protein mixes. Hydrolyzed whey is whey that has been broken down even further than the typical isolate, which means it will be easier to digest and absorbs in your system much faster. In many cases people will use a hydrolysate when taking protein before working out because they will have a higher bioavailability of protein.

Whey Protein Isolate: Isolate is the darling of the protein world, it is quickly absorbed and your body can break it down easier without giving you stomach aches or gas. Having an isolate in the protein complex is a good sign that you are getting quality protein powder.

What Else is in BPI ISO HD?

BPI ISO HD also includes the following ingredients:

Natural and artificial flavors: For many, this part of the label will scare you off, but the natural and artificial flavoring is simply in regards to the specific ingredients that needed to be added to get the specific flavor. For example, in order to get the coffee flavor, the natural flavor would have been coffee extract, while the artificial flavor would be propylene glycol, which helps enhance the flavor. Both are entirely edible and found in most coffee tasting candies, drinks, or supplements.

Gum blend: this is made of cellulose gum (which comes from the cell walls of plants), xanthan gum (which comes from corn), and carrageenan (which comes from seaweed) it is used entirely to thicken and provide a creamier consistency.

Salt: Salt is used to preserve the protein powder.

Soy and/or sunflower Lecithin: The two best raw ingredients used to cold process the protein safely, using either of these makes sure that you are getting as clean of a product possible.

Sucralose: This is artificial sugar, and at extreme levels it can be very bad for you. In this particular supplement it takes up very little of this substance, but still benefits the taste.

Acesulfame potassium: works similarly to sucralose as an artificial sweetener.

Will It Really Work?

Yes, 100% this will work for you. You can expect to gain lean muscle relatively quickly as long as you work out and maintain a proper diet.

This ought to work especially well because the protein formula is one of the highest quality available on the market, the only problem you may run into is that some of the flavors are a bit chalky. This impedes a lot of people from drinking the entire serving.

What Do Users Say?

Most users are thrilled with the outcome of drinking BPI ISO HD, it is a clean protein supplement void of stomach pains or gas, and has been proven to work effectively for improving recovery and promoting muscle gains.

Like I said before it is a bit chalky, but aside from that the flavors are great and mix well with others. And many say that mixing it with the right stuff is an excellent way to bypass any potential issues.


Yes absolutely, even for people with lactose intolerance it is relatively easy to take. The lactose content is little to none, and otherwise contains all clean and safe additives. As with all Hydrolyzed Isolates it is necessary to make sure this isn’t the only form of nutrition you get in your system. Make sure to get enough complex carbs and fats to keep your system functioning properly.

What to Know if You’re interested in Buying BPI ISO HD

BPI works with a lot of companies to have this sold nearly anywhere. It can be found at it’s lowest price on Amazon.com, but esupplements.com and the BPI homepage both occasionally offer extra deals on it to make it more affordable.

Tips for Best Results

Mix with a bit of warm water, then add in the cold water or milk. This helps it mix better and reduces the chunks. While it is still disputed, many studies suggest that taking protein within an hour or so after working out is the optimal time to take a protein/recovery complex.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the formula and the brand overall, you can’t go wrong with investing in BPI ISO HD. If you do struggle to take protein if it is too chalky or if it takes a little longer to prepare then you might consider something else, but in all reality that should not be your primary focus.

You will be getting excellent results from taking this product as long as you take it as prescribed, and maintain proper diet and exercise as well.

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