Ultimate Muscle Protein Review

Anyone who has been training to build muscle knows that the anabolic effect is the key to getting better lifts and more power.

Created by Beverly International, Ultimate Muscle Protein is the powerful formulation that will help you to finally get greater anabolic leverage.

Though different types of proteins are utilized in products like Myotein, Ultimate Muscle Protein may present a good alternative to those products.

With Ultimate Muscle Protein, you will finally be able to get the stuff of bodybuilders, and it will help you to get 80/20 formulas with 80% slow release and 20% immediate release protein results.

So Ultimate Muscle Protein can work all day long. With Ultimate Muscle Protein, the manufacturers assert that you will be able to get critical clusters and the anytime proteins that your body needs. But does Ultimate Muscle Protein actually work?

The manufacturers talk about using the powerful amino acids that are really the greater focus of these proteins.

But does Ultimate Muscle Protein actually come through and give you exactly what you are looking for, or is it just another waste of time and money as is the case with so many other products?

About Ultimate Muscle Protein

Ultimate Muscle Protein has proteins, and it names quite a few different amino acids. When you get different amino acids, obviously you are going to get BCAA’s, and BCAA’s are the major amino acids that have been shown to improve physical performance when used correctly.

Does Ultimate Muscle Protein Really Work?

Though it does provide good proteins and amino acids, Ultimate Muscle Protein does not actually have the right amounts. Ideally, you should get about 24-26g of protein per formula. Ultimate Muscle Protein only has about 20.8g. With Ultimate Muscle Protein, you also get lower quality protein.

It will not therefore absorb into the body at a proper rate. How can we tell? Because if you look at the amino acids, you are actually getting low amounts of individual and combined amino acids. So obviously, most of the protein content is more of a filler than anything else.

Outside of that, they have doubled the amount of carbs we like to see in any given formula, considering that carbs make it harder to get the benefits of protein, and they have barely any dietary fiber.

Though carbs are your main source of energy, they are more easily taken in through regular diet than protein, and so adding too many into a supplement can upset the carb/protein balance for muscle gain.

The Skinny

We would not recommend using Ultimate Muscle Protein. It is a poor formula that does not actually stand up to the test of time or quality control. With Ultimate Muscle Protein, you will only see more side effects than anything else.

And with all of this in mind, it would not be any kind of challenge to find something that would work far more effectively if used correctly. Ultimate Muscle Protein is just another product with a big name and without the formula to back it up.

However, you can look into Myotein or other products that work with different types of protein and are known to have an effective formula.

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