Six Star Ultra BCAA Review

As you may guess, Six Star Ultra BCAA contain BCAA’s, or, branched-chain amino acids.

BCAA’s are actually three amino acids that are needed in the body to trigger protein synthesis. They have been put to great use in other bodybuilding supplements before.

They’re usually included for their ability to quickly build lean muscle. But even though they’ve been successful in other products, are they put to good use in Six Star Ultra BCAA?

About Six Star Ultra BCAA

As promised, Six Star Ultra BCAA contains all the BCAA’s. With its blend of L-valine, L-leucine, and L-isoleucine, Six Star Ultra BCAA will have an easy time sparking protein synthesis within your body. Protein synthesis is the primary process by which your body builds and repairs muscles.

Will Six Star Ultra BCAA Work?

While BCAA’s are great, your body can only use so much of them at a time and they can only achieve so much effect on their own. If you supplement purely with BCAA’s you’ll have amino acids to build protein, but you’re not going to have anything to really fuel your muscles in order to create a need for protein synthesis.

Additionally, Ultra BCAA hides its formula behind a proprietary blend, which makes it difficult to see if the amino acids found inside this product are in their clinically proven concentrations. With 5,005mg of amino acids, I can only assume that there is enough of each ingredient, but on the other hand, the blend could contain a ridiculous amount of one and a sparse amount of the other. It’s always best to exercise a little caution when investing in proprietary blends.

Product Price

While Six Star Pro Nutrition is a reliable manufacturer, you cannot purchase this product directly from the website. Instead, you have to shop around at various stores to get the product you actually want, adding an extra step in the buying process. Fortunately, Six Star Ultra BCAA is extremely cheap and can be purchased for around $10 to $13 a bottle, so if this product doesn’t work for you, you won’t have lost too much money.

Currently there is no money-back guarantee associated with this product, but considering how cheap Six Star Ultra BCAA is, you’d probably end up paying more for shipping and handling the return than you would have spent on the actual product.


Even though BCAA’s are valuable tools in your muscle building arsenal, you can most likely already get enough to fuel bodybuilding through diet and from other supplements.

Several supplements these days include BCAA’s along with creatine, arginine, and other great ingredients. Odds are they have all the BCAA’s you could possibly use. This fact makes Six Star Ultra BCAA a waste of time and money.

While you could add Six Star Ultra BCAA to your current workout, you’ll definitely want to supplement this formula with yet another product in order to get the well-balanced, muscle-building results you really want, which means you’ll be spending money for two or three products when you could easily find a single formula that gives you all the amino acids, protein, and creatine your body needs at the same time.

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