Six Star Protein Shot 35 Review

As anyone knows, in order to pack on the muscle, you’re going to need protein. If you want muscles like a body builder, you’re going to need a lot of protein.

There are literally thousands of protein products out there but many are somewhat inconvenient, needing to be mixed or blended.

Recognizing this, Six Star Nutrition has developed an easy and convenient supplement called Protein Shot 35. Pure protein in an convenient bottle sounds great but is it worth trying? Let’s find out.

About Six Star Protein Shot 35

As we said, Six Star Protein Shot 35 is convenient. There are no messy powders or stubborn mixes to make. All you do is pop the cap and drink it down. Another good thing about Six Star Protein Shot 35 is that it contains 35 grams of protein. Usually a good protein supplement has anywhere from 24 to 27 grams, but 35 grams really goes above and beyond.

Does Six Star Protein Shot 35 Really Work?

But even though 35 grams of protein is a lot, it’s really not going to be put to good effect without secondary ingredients. Also, we’re not crazy about the price. Six Star Protein Shot 35 is priced right about $35 dollars and it only comes with 12 servings.

If you’re really looking for value, you can find protein mixes that contain almost the same amount of protein per serving for around $20. And with this option, you’ll also have enough servings to last around a month instead of less than two weeks.


For the price you pay and the benefits you get, Six Star Protein Shot 35 just isn’t cost-effective. You end up paying more money for less results. Though using a protein powder mix may be a little less convenient, it’s going to give you more muscle growth in the end and will cost you less money. We recommend not usign Six Star Protein Shot 35 and suggest that you stick with protein powder.

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