Six Star Protein Energy Shot Review

Every now and again it is fun to remember why protein powders have held up for so long. Every once and a while, protein shots pop up on the market, trying to out do powders.

Though protein powders like Myotein are well renowned for their effectiveness and the good types of ingredients they include, energy shots are trying to gain the same sort of respectability.

They may be more convenient, but they are by no means more effective. For example, the product, Six Star Protein Energy Shot may require no mixing or blending, but its ingredients don’t come close to matching those in a typical powder. They do provide you with more energy, but it may be a little too much to hope that they provide you with help as you try to build up muscle as well.

However, we did look into Six Star Protein Energy Shot to see how it would work and whether it is really true that protein powders are better for building muscle than energy shot.

About Six Star Protein Energy Shot

The only good thing about Six Star Protein Energy Shot is the convenience. It helps you get down a decent amount of protein fast, we can say that much. It also delivers 125 mg of caffeine anhydrous, but this about where its advantage over powders ends.

Does Six Star Protein Energy Shot Really Work?

The bad thing about these energy and protein shots is the fact that they come with no amino acids or creatine to help you get the most of the protein your bringing in.

Protein is the raw material to build muscle but amino acids and creatine are the catalysts. Without them you won’t spark much protein synthesis and you won’t break down much muscle to help new muscle grow to take its place.

The other downside to products like Six Star Protein Energy Shot is their price. They are always so much more expensive than a protein powder.

Per serving they might deliver the same amount of protein or more, but they only supply 1 serving where the powder will last you weeks if not a month worth of servings. In the end, powders are just so much more efficient.


If you hadn’t caught our drift yet, Six Star Protein Energy Shot isn’t worth your time or money. That’s the case with almost every pre-mixed protein drink we’ve ever reviewed. Remember, with products like Six Star Protein Energy Shot you’re always paying more for less benefits. We recommend staying with powders.

Of course, it is also good to be cautious as you search for powders as well. Powders can provide you with protein and amino acids, but it is important to watch out for those that are filled with the best. One of the reasons that Myotein is popular is because it provides many of the best types of ingredients and longer lasting protein than other types of proteins, and definitely more than energy shots.

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