Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition Review

Pre-workout supplements are a must these days for trainers looking to get the maximum results. Bodybuilding is a science not a series of miracles. To get real effective workouts you’re going to need to fuel it correctly.

To do just this the people behind MuscleTech are currently offering Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition. This products is designed increase energy levels, fuel muscle intensity, and provide vicious pumping action. The trouble is that there are other products promising the exact same thing.

Is there anything that makes Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition stand out from the rest?

About Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition

When you really get down to it, Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition has the exact ingredients it needs to do exactly what it says. As we examined each component, we were very pleased to find a formula that got results and contained little if any filler. For boosts in muscle strength and growth, Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition contains creatine to boost levels of ATP. Additional ATP enables muscles to contract harder for longer stretches.

It also has a dose of caffeine anhydrous and Schisandra extract to provide energy and mental focus. Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition also contains beta-alanine, an amino acid that actually thickens muscle fibers and increases strength and endurance.

Finally, Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition boasts two forms of arginine, the universally recognized nitric oxide precursor. When arginine is broken down, nitric oxide gas is released. The reaction to which, is that veins dilate and carry more blood into the muscles. With more blood in the muscles, they look more dense they look and feel much bigger. The added blood also helps muscles function better and recover faster.

Is Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition Safe?

Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition does contain some caffeine. That means it could cause some possible jitters or restlessness. Other than that, there is no real risk of side effects if you stick to recommended dosages.


Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition has a great product here. The ingredients are perfect for what they’re trying to do. The bad part though is that we’ve seen similar formulas in the past. In fact, this one looks a lot like Noxyfuel or Jack3d.

We were hoping that Six Star might add something new to make them stand out a tad form the rest. But even though they haven’t, we’re not going to say that Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition is ineffective.

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