Six Star Mass Gainer Review

Mass Gainers are great resources to help strength athletes and body builders pack on pounds of additional muscle.

Six Star Mass Gainer hopes to provide these massive surges in muscle weight while at the same time supplying the body with other helpful ingredients to help enhance workouts.

This seems to be the same type of advertisements that are common to Myotein and other protein powders that are currently most popular.

Though a mass gainer is nothing new, we wanted to examine Six Star’s Mass Gainer to see if it brought anything new to the table.

If it did, we didn’t want to miss out.

About Six Star Mass Gainer

Six Star Mass Gainer is not only packed with 30 grams of fiber, its also replete with amino acids and creatine monohydrate to further enhance results.

Creatine monohydrate is used to pump muscles full of extra ATP, the main source of fuel a muscle cell needs to function. With heightened supplies of ATP, muscles function more vigorously, breaking down more fibers to be repaired.

The amino acids is Six Star Mass Gainer then go to work repairing and strengthening these muscles by sparking protein synthesis. As a result you’ll see bigger, stronger, and heavier muscles.

Though these are great ingredients and put together all the possible pieces of a muscle building puzzle, we were concerned with the amount of protein added in the formula.

30 grams is a bit much for the body to safely and adequately absorb. Most protein supplements that provide 24 to 26 grams of protein per serving are those that will give the best types of benefits without adding extra strain or stress on the kidneys or other organs in the body.

Does Six Star Mass Gainer Really Work?

While Six Star Mass Gainer is going to help you get some good results, we can’t help but recognize that the ingredients in this formula are nearly identical to almost every other Six Star product we’ve reviewed.

Basically this product is a repackaged form of another Six Star product with maybe a few tweaks here and there. That’s not to say it doesn’t work but it does reflect poorly on the company and their commitment to innovation and quality.

With other companies providing unique and high quality formulas, it would be very difficult for this product to stand out or show that it is the best.


We can’t knock Six Star Mass Gainer completely because the truth is it will help build muscle. But even though its effective, there are hundreds of more effective options out there.

We won’t tell you to avoid it like the plague but we do want to tell that you’d probably be better off finding something else.

Other supplements, such as Myotein, are known for providing good amounts of protein while promoting the same types of benefits seen in Six Star Mass Gainer. When it comes to overall value, however, Myotein tends to deliver more in terms of high quality ingredients and unique formula.

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