Six Star Amino Max Review

Those that are well versed in the science of building muscle know that supplementing amino acids can help you to build muscle faster.

For that reason, certain products have started to show that make these amino acids their main ingredients. As you might guess, Six Star Amino Max contains amino acids.

By combining BCAA’s, L-glutamine, and L-taurine, Amino Max aims to offer a blend that will spark protein synthesis, preserve muscle tissue, and invigorate the mind. These ingredients have been helping other supplements, like Myotein and other top protein powders, yield tremendous benefits.

But in those cases, they were usually in a formula that contained other ingredients. Has Six Star Amino Max really found a way to make these ingredients beneficial on their own?

About Six Star Amino Max

The body needs BCAA’s to initiate protein synthesis, Without protein synthesis, the body can’t splice together new protein strands together to build muscle or to fill in broken pieces in damaged tissue. Thus BCAA’s are vital for real muscle growth, and Six Star Amino Max has them.

L-glutamine is another great ingredient. Exercise can sometimes tear away more muscle than you can rebuild. One of the best things about glutamine is that it can actually serve as an anti-catabolic agent by preserving muscles against over-degradation during strenuous workouts.

L-taurine has also been used in many supplements out there for its focus and nerve enhancing abilities. Taurine serves as a building block for many neurotransmitters. Supplying the nervous system with more of these transmitters helps nerves function longer without fatiguing. This means your muscles can pump and your mind can focus for longer stretches.

Will Six Star Amino Max Really Work?

While these ingredients are all incredible, their effects are best seen in supplements that contain more than just amino acids. The benefits of amino acids are only really beneficial if combined with other ingredients.

For instance, for the body to really need protein synthesis, it’s going to need supplements like creatine to allow you to break down muscles to a point where they’ll need repair. Nothing in Six Star Amino Max will help intensify your workouts, pushing your body to the point where they actually need amino acids.


While all of Six Star Amino Max’s ingredients are wonderful, you’ll have to stack it to get real results. But stacking in this case is really unnecessary. There are hundreds of products that contain the same ingredients as Six Star Amino Max and so much more.

If you are looking for a product that combines good ingredients with amino acids, we suggest looking into Myotein. It has shown results in a lot more cases than Six Star Amino Max’s, and you won’t have to stack it with other supplements.

Since you can get all the same components you need in other supplements, buying a product just for amino acids is not cost effective. Looking into Myotein or other similar products can help you get the most for your money.

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