Sexy Whey Review

The excessive use of the color pink has a lot of powerlifters and bodybuilders turned off to the use of Gym Vixen as a supplement supplier, but that doesn’t lessen the impact of these supplements on overall gains.

Gym Vixen hit the spotlight with their Booty Academy program which includes deals on their muscle building and fat burning supplements. Their whey isolate is a top rated protein supplement because of it’s simplicity and because of it’s use of added vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy shake without unnecessary calories.

If you are looking into Gym Vixen as a way to hit your daily protein goal quickly and cleanly then read on to decide if this whey isolate is what you’re looking for!

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First Impression of Sexy Whey

The first thing I noticed with this isolate is the calorie count and macronutrient composition. Gym Vixen prides itself on being created by women for women, and that is evident through the lack of fats or carbs included in the ingredients. This is a perfect solution for someone purely looking to increase overall protein intake so they can start building lean muscle mass rather than the typical muscle mass and little bit of fat that comes with a large majority of natural protein foods. It gives you much better control over your macro spread which helps you maintain weight or build cleanly.

But, what is also to note is that sucralose is the second ingredient listed here, and it is especially evident in the vanilla flavor. If you are mixing this purely with water or milk it is very sweet and that makes it a bit hard to get through the entire shake. But the chocolate flavor doesn’t have that problem nearly as much, and they both mix really well with other ingredients. So if you are looking to add this to a full meal replacement shake then you are looking in the right place.

The other major thing that I noticed is that there is none of that nasty bloat that you get with a whey concentrate. So many protein powders that were created for women use a concentrate and it leads to bloating and stomach illness if taken too often or too quickly. This product is entirely free from that because of their use of an isolate instead. There is also the extra precaution that Gym Vixen took by adding lactase to their mix, lactase helps break down lactose so your body can use it. While an isolate doesn’t typically have lactose, the lactase is still helpful in digesting the protein and using it up.

Digging Deeper into the Sexy Whey Formula

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more straightforward formula anywhere else, Gym Vixen has created an ingredient profile that they are unafraid to show off. Each of the included ingredients helps in one way or another and will give you a clean muscle building experience without some of the less fun side effects like bloating, gas, or an upset stomach.

Whey Protein Isolate: Whey Isolate is the purest form of protein you can get, and it’s used typically for growing lean muscle mass and when the user is in a cut rather than a bulk. This is mainly because it’s a very lean form of protein, there’s no fats or carbs that come naturally with whey because it has all been filtered out to give you a clean protein product.

Calcium: This is actually a very good additive to this product, often times when an isolate is created you lose the calcium that comes from milk. By adding this Gym Vixen is helping make up a mineral that is oft forgotten but easily made up. Calcium is necessary for bone strength and preventing diseases like osteoporosis.

Vitamin D: This vitamin is often ignored, but it is essential for the maintenance of muscle mass after it has been gained. Studies have begun researching it’s impact on muscle mass during weight loss programs, and a large majority have found that even in cases where muscle would typically be lost, vitamin D helps preserve it and lets the body burn fat instead.

Vitamin B9 This vitamin is often ignored, but it is essential for the maintenance of muscle mass after it has been gained. Studies have begun researching it’s impact on muscle mass during weight loss programs, and a large majority have found that even in cases where muscle would typically be lost, vitamin D helps preserve it and lets the body burn fat instead.

Sexy Whey also includes the following ingredients:

Sucralose: This is an artificial sugar substitute, it’s especially used in supplements to sweeten without adding calories. Artificial sweeteners typically get a bad rep without direct correlation between using it and effects prescribed. It’s safe to say that if you used Sexy Whey 2 times a day at the prescribed amount you will be able to successfully avoid any and all potential negative side effects while reaping the benefits of the protein.

Natural and Artificial Flavoring: For many, this part of the label will scare you off, but the natural and artificial flavoring is simply in regards to the specific ingredients that needed to be added to get the specific flavor. For example, in order to get the coffee flavor, the natural flavor would have been coffee extract, while the artificial flavor would be propylene glycol, which helps enhance the flavor. Both are entirely edible and found in most coffee tasting candies, drinks, or supplements.

Lactase: Lactase is typically mixed up with it’s brother, lactose. Lactose is a sugar found in milk or dairy products and it is what people are typically intolerant of. Lactase is the enzyme that breaks down lactose, a deficiency in lactase will typically result in lactose intolerance. While whey protein isolate contains no lactose, lactase is still beneficial in breaking down the milk protein and helping your body absorb its nutrients easier. It will also help your body absorb the added vitamins and minerals that Gym Vixen gives you in this product.

Will It Really Work?

Yes this product works, but you need to consider what it is you are looking for in a protein and an isolate to decide how it will work for you.

While this product was built with women in mind it does contain a top notch ingredient profile that should make any powerlifter happy. The overall protein count is relatively low compared to other brands, and this is because it is a lower calorie drink. So when taking this you need to keep in mind how much protein you’ve intended to take over the course of the day and if it will fill those needs.

The protein used is high quality and from a reputable brand, and there are no hidden ingredients to concern yourself over, Gym Vixen has ensured that whoever buys this product knows what they are getting. So if you are on a cut or just looking to gain lean muscle mass, this product will be the best for you.

What Do Users Say?

Sexy Whey has upheld it’s standard by staying at 4 stars on amazon and other selling sites. Users are typically thrilled with the results and the easiness of this product. But there are a few things of note that users have brought up and are worth considering.

It is especially sweet, this is due mainly in part to the high sucralose content. This is easily solved by what you mix it with and which flavor you choose. Chocolate is unabashedly the winner in most reviews, and I personally enjoyed the chocolate A LOT more than the vanilla.

Another comment is that it isn’t a good idea to take right before strenuous workouts, especially crossfit. This is something to keep in mind with any protein (except maybe a hydrolyzed whey). Don’t drink this even 30 minutes before going to the gym, it is a post-workout supplement or early morning meal supplement. Taking it before the gym will upset your stomach and you will regret it immediately.

This product has mainly good reviews, it mixes easily and for most the taste is great (especially when compared to other isolates.) Users can agree that this is a quality product that will get you the benefits you want without any of the unwanted side effects.

Is Sexy Whey Safe?

Because it is an isolate and because Gym Vixen has taken the extra precautions to make sure that it is easier to digest, I would argue that Sexy Whey is extremely safe. 99% of users are, at the very least, happy that it doesn’t cause problems with indigestion or bloating that a lot of protein powders will cause. As long as you are maintaining a healthy and balanced diet where this fits into the macronutrient spread the way it ought, you will only notice muscle gains. No other problems.

What to Know if You’re interested in Buying Sexy Whey

Sexy Whey is guaranteed by a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, this is probably the best part of the product. It covers one opened bottle and as many unopened bottles as you want to return as long as it is within 90 days of purchase. That is impressive for any company, and it says a lot about the protein by itself. There are a lot of crappy protein supplements out there and typically you are stuck with the loss in money when it doesn’t work or tastes horrible. But if you don’t like Sexy Whey you are covered and will get everything but shipping and handling back.

Sexy Whey is sold in a few locations, it’s sold on Amazon, Esupplements, and It typically has a great sale on it every other week or so, so if you don’t like any of the prices on the websites, just sign up for the emails until you see a deal you do like.

Gym Vixen is also really good at shipping as soon as possible, if you order earlier on in the week you can expect it that week. They will typically ship within one business day of your purchase, and work to get it there quickly.

Tips for Best Results

If you are now planning on buying Sexy Whey, that’s great, that was my point in this review! There are a few things you can do to optimize the impact this protein will have on your muscle growth that you should consider while you wait for it to arrive.

It mixes best with almond milk, because it tames the sweetness for some reason. If you plan to use it to add to an entire smoothie concoction (all hail to you!) but I recommend mixing it with the water or almond milk with a spoon or shaker first.

Make sure that there is enough time between when you finish this drink and when you go to the gym if you plan to drink it before working out. Not having enough space will upset your stomach and leave you with a nasty taste in your mouth.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a simple pure protein isolate, Sexy Whey will finish the job with little to no issue. The quality is excellent, but one scoop may not be enough, depending on what you are looking for in a supplement. It has the best ratio of all the supplements reviewed here, and each scoop is guaranteed to help you get results.

I would recommend Gym Vixen, if for nothing else, you can return it if necessary. But I doubt it will be, especially where a majority of users enjoy the flavor and the cleanliness of the supplement altogether.

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