Scivation Solution 5 Review

Every description Scivation Solution 5 gives for itself proclaims that it is the “world’s most advanced meal replacement.”

Honestly, the bodybuilding community should be the judge of that. This product is supposedly rich in quality protein, healthy fats, fiber, and natural antioxidants. At least that’s what their little youtube blurb will tell you.

They’re main focus is to offer a MRP that is delicious and has no fillers. With so many products out there that do stuff themselves with superfluous ingredients and taste awful, we thought we’d at least look into Scivation Solution 5 to see if they could come through.

About Scivation Solution 5

Scivation Solution 5 uses a decent blend of ingredients. As expected it contains whey protein concentrate, the basis for any successful protein supplement. It gives you a rich source of amino acids and BCAA’s.

Finally, the product also has other sources of healthy antioxidants and vitamins that really help eliminate problems with malnourishment seen in some MRPs.

Does Scivation Solution 5 Really Work?

Scivation Solution 5 has all of the right ingredients, but their protein content is not only low in quantity, but in quality as well. Offering 21 total grams of protein is a little low compared to the industry average. For the best results, you’ll want to look for 24 to 26g at minimum.

Though it seems small, those few extra grams of protein make a huge difference. But even if they were to increase their protein concentrations, the protein they use is still poor quality, meaning they are low in important amino acids and BCAA’s that burn fat and build muscle.

Aside from this, we found Scivation Solution 5 uses several filler and preservatives, even though they claim not to. But while they were putting these additives in, they seem to have forgotten to put in something that would cover its horrid taste. Every review we read couldn’t get over how awful it was to gag this concoction down.


Scivation Solution 5 has the right idea in many ways. But in the end, it skimps on quality and content. With additive fillers, a terrible taste, and shoddy protein we have to recommend looking somewhere else. Scivation Solution 5 is not the MRP we were hoping for.

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