RTD 40 Review

RTD 40 is an all natural protein shake created by Met-Rx.

With RTD 40, you will finally be able to get 26 essential vitamins and minerals, vitamins A, C, & E, more protein for muscle building, and a low calorie and low carb formula, which is exactly what a protein shake should be.

You should never get more than a few grams of carbs because, they interfere with the proper absorption of proteins!

They talk about a great taste and everything else. But does RTD 40 actually work?

About RTD 40

RTD 40 has some good ingredients. It has of course essential vitamins, and it seems to have 40g of protein.Frankly, RTD 40 you need about 26g of protein. So at first, this seems like it goes beyond expectations. But like so many other ingredients, there is a question of quality.

The simple reality is that you are going to get only extremely low quality protein with this formula. It doesn’t even begin to work, because your body cannot actually absorb it! They also have too many carbs at 15g, which can absorb with the proper absorption of said proteins.


We would not recommend using RTD 40. It does not actually help you to achieve any better results or benefits. And with RTD 40, you will truly speaking only be wasting more time and money.

RTD 40 does not help you to balance out your body or anything else. So obviously, we would definitely recommend finding something else that can come through in a way that you will not find here.

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