Protein Freeze Review

Protein Freeze is a popular new protein alternative designed with the sweet-tooth enthusiast in mind.

It contains up to 22 grams of protein per serving and can be made into any form of frozen dessert.

Let your imagination run wild, any frozen dessert.

About Protein Freeze

Problem #1: Sugar Cravings
Solution: Delicious Protein Freeze satisfies even the most intense sweet tooth but it is low in sugar, fat, and calories so you won’t sabotage your nutrition plan. It’s gluten-free and great for diabetics as well!

Problem #2: Not Enough Protein
Solution: Including a complete protein source with your carbs, such as high-protein, low-calorie Protein Freeze, helps you stay full longer and keeps glucose levels consistent so that your metabolism works more efficiently and you feel energized longer. Protein Freeze is excellent by itself or as a compliment to healthy carbs, such as fruit, oatmeal, or rice cakes.

Problem #3: Yo-Yo Dieting
Solution: The key to consistent, long-term fat loss is to balance an effective plan with enjoyable eating. Protein Freeze helps make your weight-loss program enjoyable because you don’t feel deprived of the treats you love.


Protein Freeze seems like a great idea for those who struggle sticking to a diet plan. Our problem with it is long-term effects. Sugar-cravings are usually related to problems with the pancreas and lack of proper nutrition.

If you cover up the craving by indulging in an alternative such as this–you aren’t addressing the problems you could be facing nutritionally. So long as people are properly educated on the fact that sugar-cravings should rarely be indulged-this could be a good alternative for health-conscious athletes.

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