Promax Lean Protein Bar Review

Created by SportPharma, the Promax Lean Protein Bar is sold exclusively on sites like eBay or Amazon.

With Promax Lean Protein Bar, it is an auction site product, and they promise that Promax Lean Protein Bar will help you to lose more weight and achieve better benefits than ever before. With Promax Lean Protein Bar, you will be able to get a delicious, high protein, low sugar bar that is made for athletes that need more performance and the results to get you the body that you are looking for.

However, Promax Lean Protein Bar has since been discontinued. You’ll have to hunt even further to find this product, and you could be subject to inflated prices due to its discontinued status. Is it worth it?

And even more importantly, does Promax Lean Protein Bar actually work? Does Promax Lean Protein Bar actually have what it takes to show you real results?

About Promax Lean Protein Bar

With Promax Lean Protein Bar, there is really nothing good. It only sells on auction sites, because it could not get any sales anywhere else. With Promax Lean Protein Bar, you never actually got a considerable amount of protein, getting only 31g, which is not enough.

Along with the protein, you’re getting three grams of sugar—a pretty low amount for a protein bar. However, this lack of sugar may affect taste. This won’t affect its effectiveness, but if you’re someone who can’t stomach products that aren’t perfectly crafted and taste great, this protein bar may not be for you.

Also, they used about 34g of carbs when carbs should be as small as possible. If you haven’t noticed, with low carb or high protein diets that are meant for athletes, carbs are the enemy, because they get in the way and good things get stored as fat because of them.

Where to Find Promax Lean Protein Bar

As previously mentioned, Promax Lean Protein Bar has been discontinued by original manufacturers SportPharma. To find this product then, you’ll have to do some hunting online.

Prices range from $13.99 for a box of 12 bars to $38.33 for the same box. What you’re going to pay seems to depend on the flavor you’re looking for—chocolate retails for a higher amount, with the cookies and cream flavor currently the lowest. Peanut butter is another inexpensive option for this product.


We would not recommend using Promax Lean Protein Bar. It does not have the right ingredients, the right amounts, or anything else.

It’s also extraordinarily difficult to find Promax Lean Protein Bar for a decent price. Even with the lowest price, you’re still paying more than a dollar per bar, which seems to be a little exorbitant.

And with Promax Lean Protein Bar, you would get the equivalent of a candy bar in all the good it would do for you and ultimately all the harm it would do to your workouts, so we would definitely recommend finding something else.

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