Pro42 Bar Review

Created by ISS Research, Pro42 Bar is a protein formula made to help you to get better benefits than ever before!

With Pro42 Bar, you will finally be able to effective way to build more muscle and get a better body through the power of protein. Manufacturers would have you believe that with Pro42 Bar, you more than 50% protein and 50% less carbs than many of the other leading brands of protein bars in the industry, and supposedly it’s highly recommended by trainers and consumers alike.

Does Pro42 Bar have any of the right ingredients or anything else?

About Pro42 Bar

Pro42 Bar has 42g of protein, which is an extremely high amount at first glance, but the protein is fairly low-grade, so your body’s ability to absorb the protein will be minimal.

Yet for all of the protein they have, they have 36g of carbohydrates which your body has to absorb and deal with first. This actually encourages your body to store any protein as fat more than anything else.

You also get 2g of fiber, which can help in some ways by improving digestion and reducing appetite, but 2 grams is barely a fraction of the amount your body needs in order to see any long-lasting results.


Unfortunately Pro42 is a discontinued product and is no longer sold on reliable supplement sites such as or even through the manufacturer’s website at Since this product is no longer available, actually finding a reasonable price for this product is next to impossible.

You might be able to buy a box of 12 for about $31.97 from lesser known websites, but you’d be taking a risk because you wouldn’t know if the product was expired or tainted. There is no money-back guarantee with this product either, so you’ll be out of luck if you don’t like what it has to offer.

The Flavor

Pro42 bars, like so many other protein bars, are available in multiple flavors to cater to your individual tastes rather than your body’s actual needs. A few of the flavors were the following:

•Peanut Butter Collision
•Chocolate Attack
•Almond Rocky Trail
•PB Chocolate Chip
•Cookies and Cream


Pro42 was discontinued by the manufacturer for a reason – probably because it wasn’t selling and wasn’t giving the muscle-building results that many consumers were hoping for. Although it comes in a wide variety of flavors and offers a convenient way to increase protein intake, this supplement isn’t worth the effort of tracking down.

The protein is low-grade and best, and you’ll probably have to work twice as hard to burn away the extra carbs and calories before seeing any significant muscle-building results with this product. I would not recommend Pro42 as a reliable source of protein, as there are many other protein bars, powders, shakes, and supplements on the market that can give you higher quality protein for a much lower price.

Don’t know where to look for a quality protein supplement? Check out these top products. Each of these are backed with a great guarantee and fit inside almost any budget. Consumer reviews are positive, and unlike Pro42, they actually give you the protein you need when you need it.

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