Pro Complex Review

It is an indisputable fact that protein is essential for building muscle, and supplementing it can help to speed up the muscle building process.

A popular line of protein based products, Pro Complex promises to help you to lose more weight and get the protein benefits for your workouts like you’ve never seen before.

Though they use different formulas than Myotein and other major products, the manufacturers assert that theirs is the best protein formula.

They say that their main Pro Complex formula will help you to get all natural results and benefits with superior proteins and augmentation. But how does Pro Complex actually work?

About Pro Complex

Pro Complex has BCAA’s. With that in mind, it can give you better workout improving results, because of course, these amino acids can be quite powerful.

Unfortunately, though the inclusion of BCAA’s is always a good thing,Pro Complex does not actually have the right amounts. At first, 14,000mg seems like a lot, but when you convert that into 14g, it is no longer so large.

In addition to adding BCAA’s, they add in a nutrition blend that provides some good vitamins, but doesn’t have any specific link to helping with muscle gain.

But those are really of no consequence when it comes to real protein benefits! And with Pro Complex, the fact is that you are not actually getting high quality protein. Even though they pack about 60 grams of protein into their formula, it’s extremely low quality protein that cannot properly be absorbed by the body.

This means that most of this protein will be flushed through the body and put strain on your kidneys and liver as it filters through them. This can cause problems in the long run, especially if you use this product for prolonged periods of time.

In this way, you are getting very few benefits and potentially harmful side effects, which is not a good combination for any protein powder.

Consumer Reviews

The reviews we found did mention that this product helped support their protein needs, but several mentioned that they had problems with the after taste and others found that it disagreed with their digestive system.

As a result, it seems that the proteins that are provided by this product do help some, but it is important to keep an eye out for how it will agree with you.


We would not recommend the basic Pro Complex formula. They try to seem more impressive than they are, and we’re truly surprised they didn’t represent their protein as 60,000mg. But all in all, they don’t actually have high quality protein at all, and it will not absorb properly. So it really doesn’t matter how much you use.

Other products are able to provide a good amount of high quality protein and have very few, if any side effects. For instance, Myotein is known for its ability to help with protein supplementation and muscle gain, as well as its good taste and easy use.

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Pro Complex User Reviews

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    I have used Pro Complex for several years. I took another protein supplement for about a year and a half because it was less expensive. I switched back to Pro Complex on my last order and was surprised by the bitter taste it left in my mouth. Apparently they changed the formula. It tasted nothing like the old Pro Complex. I bought (2) 4.4 pound containers and am returning to Supplement Warehouse for credit. I have been using protein supplement powders for 30+ years and this is not my imagination.

    ED Bonner
    August 14, 2012 at 6:41 pm
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    i been using the procomlex for only month and have and i thank my stmach is geting begger my quation is the Borting can be change to fat

    September 24, 2012 at 8:57 am

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