Post-Rx Review

It doesn’t matter how big and strong your muscles are if they aren’t recovering properly in between workouts. That said, fatigue can often hinder an athlete from performing up to par.

Luckily, there are products specifically designed to enhance recovery time, known as post-workout supplements.

In this review, we’ll take a few minutes to discuss the quality of one post-workout supplement in particular called Post-Rx. Does Post-Rx have the recuperative powers your body needs to refuel and repair itself?

Let’s try and find out…

Its Makeup

Post-Rx is basically the product of two different complexes. One complex, referred to as the Amino Complex contains four different branch-chained amino acids that are supposed to inhibit muscle proteins from breaking down due to the wear and tear of intense physical exercise.

These amino acids include:


The Amino Complex found in Post-Rx contains 4250 mg per serving.

As for the second complex found in Post-Rx, the Accelerated Recovery Complex, it is only found at the dosage level of 750 mg. Nevertheless, its three anti-inflammatory and recovery-enhancing agents are key to the effectiveness and quality of Post-Rx.

Its Special Technology

Speaking of ingredients, every single ingredient found in Post-Rx has been sliced down to a diminutive, “micronized” size via ionization.

And what are the advantages of mircronizing the contents of your blend, you may ask? Simply put, the smaller something is, the higher its absorbency and solubility.

In other words, Post-Rx’s blend is very fast-acting because its very absorbent and highly soluble by nature.

Its Safety

Switching gears, we’ve talked about ways that Post-Rx’s manufacturer have made it more effective and efficient.

But what about its safety?

According to its manufacturer, Post-Rx has been clinically tested not only for effectiveness, but for safety as well. That said, we can presume that this product is adequately safe to use.

Still, you’re never out of the woods when it comes to adverse side effects with any type of dietary supplement. As such, although you shouldn’t expect to be hit by anything major, don’t be surprised if minor side effects arise from use of this product.

Other Odds and Ends

In terms of a price tag, the best deal we found on Post-Rx was actually on its manufacturer’s website. Rivalus, the makers of Post-Rx, sell it in tandem with a pre-workout supplement called Complx5 for just $35.99.

Speaking of this pre-workout supplement which is packaged with Post-Rx, most studies have shown that pre-workout supplements have very minor effect’s on muscle and performance gains. That said, it probably won’t hurt you to take Complx 5 alongside Post-Rx.

After all, if you pay for both supplements, you may as well try and use both.


In conclusion, Post-Rx seems to be an effective, safe and affordable option to consider when it comes to post-workout supplements.

Because this is the case, we’ve decided to recommend its use if you’re looking to give your body the help it needs to recover properly and adequately.

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