Perfect Review

Pro MR is an all natural blend of 42g of protein per serving!

With Pro MR, you will finally be able to get a formula fortified with glutamine peptides and an optimum blend of proteins.

With Pro MR¸ you will finally be able to get a formula loaded with viable probiotics and other good bacteria, and Pro MR will help you to get a high quality high protein meal replacer. With Pro MR, the question is, will it work?

About Perfect

Pro MR has 42g reported protein. Pro MR may have a high amount of carbs. However, when your body cannot absorb that protein, it doesn’t matter how much you use. When it comes to Pro MR, the fact is that you are not actually going to get any greater benefits, because obviously, it will not come through in any possible way.

With Pro MR¸ you will only end up suffering more problems than anything else with stomach upset, and they have 19g of carbs that will only end up setting you further back!


We would not recommend using Pro MR. It does not have the right ingredients, the right amounts, or anything else. With Pro MR, you will not actually get the right proteins, and your body will be unable to absorb any of them or get any of the greater benefits. And obviously enough, we would definitely recommend finding something else that will come through. There are plenty of products with higher quality proteins and more.

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