Perfect RX Review

Giving you the perfect meal replacement drink, Perfect RX promises that you will finally be able to get all of the better benefits that you are looking for.

With Perfect RX, you will finally be able to naturally get 37g of natural protein and 26g of all natural carbs! With Perfect RX, you will finally be able to get the healthy snack and meal replacement, and they claim that Perfect RX will finally help you to get the ultimate nutritional supplement for all of your needs.

So how does Perfect RX actually work?

About Perfect RX

Perfect RX has about 37g of protein. That is good no matter how you really look at it.

Perfect RX has way too many carbs. You should have 5g of carbs at most in a protein supplement, because carbs counteract the benefits of protein. But they have 26g! In addition to that, their protein is extremely low quality. Your body cannot properly absorb it, and therefore, you cannot get any of the associated benefits of this protein while the carbs add to the fat in your body if anything really.


We would not recommend using Perfect RX. It does not even begin to stand out, and it does not give you any associated benefits! With Perfect RX, you will suffer plenty of side effects.

But it’s not a good meal replacement or anything else. So we would definitely recommend that you find something else that will actually come through for your needs.

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