Panthera VME Review

When reviewing so many protein powders, it’s great when you find a product that takes a fresh approach.

In particular Panthera VME really got us to turn our heads after seeing some of the other ingredients it throws in with its 23 grams of protein. Besides delivering muscle-building protein, Panthera VME is designed to offer vein-swelling pumps, augmented output, and heightened focus.

In all honesty, we don’t often see too many pre-workout/protein combinations. We try to stay unbiased as much as possible but Panthera VME’s unique approach got us rooting for them to succeed. Let’s talk about their formula.

About Panthera VME

As you read down the list, Panthera VME really has a lot of things going for it. It’s hard to list them all. Along with using whey protein isolate for immediate protein supply, Panthera VME uses casein protein as well. Casein is an exceptional ingredient for letting your body keep using the ingested protein after the workout is over.

Casein delays and prolongs the digestion of protein to offer sustained influx of muscle building materials into the muscles. Also for muscle building, Panthera VME contains all the branched chain amino acids to spark protein synthesis. It also includes them with special Ethyl Esther add-on compounds that enable the body to absorb and make use of them better.

For strength and pump, Panthera VME has a great blend of muscle builders and nitric oxide boosters. For output, Panthera VME contains Creatine and Beta-Alanine. Creatine boosts ATP thus giving more fuel to your muscles.

Beta-alanine actually thickens muscle fiber strands which will also increase endurance and power. For vascularity, Panthera VME contains L-Arginine AKG and L-Citruline. Both have been proven to help more blood reach the muscles for better performance and faster recovery.

Finally, Panthera VME has a focus and endurance complex. Its main ingredients are caffeine anhydrous and L-Tyrosine. Caffeine is great for helping athletes get the energy to finish their training. Caffeine also can help you burn more calories without realizing you’ve made an extra effort. Tyrosine on the other hand helps boost mental energy. Tyrosine helps the brain by creating more neurotransmitters that can decrease neural fatigue and enhance muscle function.

Panthera VME comes in two flavors—grape and tropical punch—and should be used with water. Take one scoop, or 32 grams, of Panthera VME and add it to the liquid before or after your workout.

Is Panthera VME Safe?

Since Panthera VME does have some stimulants in its focus/endurance complex it could cause some jitters, shakiness, or headaches. There shouldn’t be any serious side effects if you stick to recommended dosages.


Overall, we are very impressed with Panthera VME. All the benefits it claims to offer are backed up by the right ingredients to get the job done. We also love the price.

A good pre-workout can sometimes cost $50. Panthera VME goes for around $45 but you don’t have to stack it with a $20 protein supplement. It’s a great deal and we definitely recommend checking it out.

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