Optimum Amino Chewables are a convenient way to supplement all nine essential amino acids, and BCAA’s into your diet.

With 1000mg of amino acids per serving–Amino Chewables give the body the nourishment they need in order to properly synthesize protein.


“A little amino acid support throughout the day can go a long way toward achieving sizable goals – especially when there’s only 10 calories involved.

Amino Chewables are packed with micronized free-form amino acids including the BCAAs that are absorbed directly into muscle tissue. Because these candy-tasting sugar free treats fit easily in a pocket or purse, you can pop them in your mouth anytime, anywhere!”

Optimum AMINO CHEWABLES Ingredients

BCAA’s, or Branched Chain Amino Acids make up to 40% of the protein found in muscle tissue. This is why many athletes believe they are so important for muscle development and growth.

Amino Chewables provide the body with 1,000 mg of free-form amino acids, essential amino acids including BCAAs — And they are micronized for fast delivery along with being sugar-free and only 10 calories per serving.

The 9 essential amino acids include: Micronized L-Glutamine, L-Lysine HCL, Micronized L-Arginine, Micronized L-Leucine, Micronized L-Isoleucine, Micronized L-Valine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, and L-Methionine. All of these essential amino acids play a vital role in the body, and the combination of the nine make a complete protein.

Amino acids are generally categorized between essential and non-essential, meaning that non-essential ones are ones that your body produces on its own, and essential ones are ones that your body needs to get from outside sources; mainly your food.

The fact that Optimum AMINO CHEWABLES includes amino acids that you have to get from your diet means that you’re not wasting any money on amino acids that your body will produce on its own. This makes Optimum AMINO CHEWABLES a much better source for amino acids than other products.

How to Use Optimum AMINO CHEWABLES

For best results, take two pieces of Optimum AMINO CHEWABLES before or after training, between meals, or before bed. Never exceed this dosage.

Store your chews in a cool, dry place and make sure they are tightly closed.

Don’t use Optimum AMINO CHEWABLES if you are under 18, pregnant, nursing, or if you’re taking any over the counter medications.


It’s important to get all the essential amino acids on a daily basis. If we don’t, then all the protein we consume (avidly consume, in the case of athletes) completely goes to waste. Incomplete proteins are converted to carbohydrates and stores in the body as fat when we don’t have all the amino acids to help synthesize it into muscle tissue.

This is why it’s so important to supplement with a product that contains all 9 essential amino acids. Amino Chewables will ensure that you have all the essentials, and stacking this product with others–like a heavy dose of protein–will only improve your health and physique.

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