Optibol Review

Optibol was a product discontinued around 2007. It claimed to not only build muscle with its protein supply, but to also increase strength, burn fat, and accelerate recovery.

These all sound like intriguing additions to protein supplement and we like to see companies switch it up and try interesting new blends. But this one obviously didn’t work so great if it has been pulled from the shelves.

About Optibol

Optibol had plenty of protein. It was also loaded with designer creatine. Creatine, as you porbably know, raises of levels of ATP inside the muscles. Using additional ATP muscles can contract much harder. Creatine thus boosts strength and output allowing you to lift heavier weights and get more dramatic results.

Along with creatine, Optibol contained Micellar Casein. This compound helps slow the digestion of protein powders inside the stomach and intestines. That means Optibol could provide a long and sustained influx of protein to help muscles build and recover for several hours after taking.

Will Optibol Really Work?

There were too downsides to Optibol that we saw right off the bat. First, it says it helps to burn fat, but nothing we see on its label corroborates that. There was no trace of stimulants. The second shortcoming was the fact that it contained 37 grams of protein per serving. That’s too much protein to make optimal use of.

If too much protein is ingested at once, the body has a hard time making use of it all before has passed through the digestive system. If you’re losing a substantial amount of protein in your feces, you’re paying more money for ingredients that can’t benefit you.


Since being pulled form the shelves, hundreds of new protein supplements have been designed and manufactured. We guarantee that there are plenty of better alternatives on today’s market.

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    I loved it! It made me feel so much better! Great product!

    Jeri Curtis
    July 28, 2014 at 9:01 am

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