Only Protein Meal Replacement Review

Only Protein Meal Replacement

Only Protein Replacement Powder is an organic blend of proteins that contains no harmful hormones or additives.

It comes in 21-serving jugs and individual serving sticks to suit you whether you are busy at home, or on the go.

Only Protein is designed for athletes and people trying to improve their health. A look at the ingredients will let us know just how effectively Only Protein increases your health.

What’s Inside Only Protein Meal Replacements?

Only Protein only uses whey and casein from cattle raised in New Zealand and Australia. These countries have laws prohibiting the use of bovine growth hormone, which is commonly used in cattle bred in the United States. For those wary of the effects bovine growth hormone can have on humans, Only Protein uses whey from untreated cattle. [1]

Concentrate refers to the method of removing the protein molecules from the whey mixture. Whey protein concentrate is filtered without using heat, which yields undenatured proteins. Undenatured proteins maintain their peptide bonds and molecular structure. [2]

Isolate is filtered from whey protein through a heat process. The process breaks down some of the secondary and tertiary peptide bonds, making them more easily absorbed. [3]

Calcium caseinate is derived from the casein in milk. Casein contains all the essential amino acids. Casein coagulates in the stomach and breaks down more slowly than whey protein. [4]

Garcinia Cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA). In rats, HCA slows down glucose absorption in the intestines. Researchers suggest further studies will show if this process can be replicated in humans. [5]

L-carnitine is an important factor in fat burning. It transports fatty acids to be oxidized. [6]

Hoodia gordoni is a succulent plant from Africa that some say promotes appetite suppression. However, there are few studies demonstrating this benefit, none of which involve humans. [7]

Protease is a peptide that releases energy from protein to muscular systems. [8]

Lactase is an enzyme that digests lactose. Lactase helps lactose intolerant people better digest milk products. [9]

Only Protein includes more than a dozen essential and non-essential amino acids, but here is a breakdown of the three most plentiful:

Glutamic acid (3150 mg) is a nonessential amino acid, which means the body produces glutamic acid on its own. Glutamic acid metabolizes sugar and fatty acids, transports potassium, and detoxifies ammonia. Taken as a supplement, it aids in protein synthesis and creates lean muscle. [10]

Aspartic acid (1990 mg) is a nonessential amino acid. It aids in hormone production and release, and maintains normal nervous system function. [11]

Leucine (1920 mg) is a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA). It maximizes the muscle-building impact of protein synthesis. Leucine is demonstrated by scientific study to be the most effective amino acid in increasing protein synthesis during exercise. [12]

How Do Only Protein Meal Replacements Fit Into My Day?

In a diet plan, Only Protein Meal Replacements replace one to two meals per day—preferably breakfast and/or lunch. Each serving contains 18 g protein, 103 calories, 1 g fat, and 5 g carbohydrates. With that amount of protein, it’s the equivalent of eating 3 cups of oatmeal, minus 395 calories. [13]

Only a few people commented on the satiety of Only Protein in reviews, so there’s not enough evidence to know whether it keeps you full. Those who did comment were satisfied for 2-3 hours after drinking Only Protein. If you feel hungry, try eating a healthy snack until your next meal. [14]

Are There Harmful Ingredients In Only Protein Meal Replacements?

Only Protein prides itself on excluding harmful chemicals and hormones from its products.

For those with allergies, Only Protein excludes soy and gluten. It includes lactase so the lactose intolerant can more easily digest lactose.

For those who worry about non-natural ingredients, Only Protein doesn’t contain pesticides, antibiotics, sucralose, chemical additives, MSG, preservatives, color additives, or genetically modified ingredients.

For the health conscious, Only Protein does not include added sugar, hydrolyzed proteins, or high fructose corn syrup. [15]

Who Can Use Only Protein Meal Replacements?

If used as a meal replacement, Only Protein is appropriate for anyone wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle or lose a few pounds. Only Protein would not be effective for athletes needing to bulk up or exercise for long stretches. It also would not be effective if taken in addition to three full meals.

How Much Do Only Protein Meal Replacements Cost?

You can find Only Protein Meal Replacements on the Only Protein website for $39.99 per tub. Each tub contains 21 servings. The meal replacements are also available in individual serving-sized sticks. One package of 15 sticks costs $34.99. The tub is more cost-effective, at $1.90 per serving, while the sticks are $2.33 each. However, as a portable and healthy snack, the sticks are effective.

Should You Buy Only Protein Meal Replacements?

Only Protein Meal Replacements contain a good amount of bioavailable protein. Although hoodia gordoni is plentiful in nutrients and vitamins, it is unclear if it actually suppresses appetite. One serving may leave you hungry after a couple of hours.

Only Protein is impressive in its commitment to excluding harmful substances. If your priority is organic, gluten-free, or grass-fed milk products, Only Protein is a good option.

However, if your priority is price, a cheaper protein meal replacement might be a better option. Be sure to keep your needs into account when selecting a meal replacement powder. Only Protein might be ideal for you, but it might not be the best choice for someone else.


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