OneBode Recover Review

OneBode Recover is not a protein powder, but it still has some applicability to the content of this site. Many times the protein powders we review are too rich in protein.

What we mean by that is, some products come with so much protein that it’s almost impossible for the body to use it all before the digestive system has flushed it out.

That’s why several body builders have turned to supplements that contain casein complexes that help the body digest the protein at a slower rate so you can supply your muscles with a more sustained source of protein.

OneBode Recover however is a supplement that can help you maximize your digestive system’s ability to use the protein taken in by shakes and powders.

About OneBode Recover

OneBode Recover contains an advanced proteolytic blend that is ideal for improving the body’s capacity to process protein intake. This mix contains protease, peptidase, Peptizyme SP – serrapeptase, papain, amylase, and lipase.

These enzymes break down protein into simpler forms and parts. The body can take those simpler parts and use them for repairing damaged muscles or even for building new tissue. OneBode Recover’s can thus increase the benefits of the protein you take in from other products.

Will OneBode Recover Really Work?

While OneBode Recover is good for protein utilization, that’s not actually its only aim. OneBode Recover is full of minerals and vitamins as well that are meant to help the body’s immune system and recovery mechanisms. While these are great, it actually drives up the cost of OneBode Recover. You’ll end up paying $40 for this blend of nutrients and protein enzymes when all you really need is the proteolytic complex.


Whether or not you buy OneBode Recover is up to you. It’s enzymatic blend could really help you tap into a lot more benefits from the protein supplements you’re already taking. But the downside is OneBode Recover may be just as expensive as the supplement you want it to assist with.

As a whole, OneBode Recover isn’t ideal for supplementing bodybuilding. We suggest you find a more affordable proteolytic blend somewhere else or invest in protein supplements with a casein compelex.

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