Natural Whey Protein – The Amazing Benefits

Natural whey protein has been making headlines in the supplement industry for years across the country but more and more dieters are turning to this unique supplement to get the protein they need, rather than adding protein through their regular diet.

“As Americans are becoming more health conscious and busier, protein bar sales are increasing because they are the convenient way to gain protein on the go,” Mary Nanfelt, IBISWorld analyst explains.

With dozens of options available when it comes to selecting protein, natural whey protein remains the most popular option in everything from protein bars to protein shakes.

What Is Whey Protein?

If you’ve ever heard the children’s rhyme Little Miss Muffet, then you may have wondered as a kid, what are ‘curds and whey’?

In case you are unfamiliar with cheese-making, whey is the watery part of the milk that separates from the curds. Natural whey protein is typically sold in powdered form as either the hydrolyzed form, the isolate form or as a concentrate.

Whey protein isolates are lower in fat than concentrates, but both offer benefits for athletes, bodybuilders and just about anyone else.

Whey protein contains large amounts of branced-chain amino acids along with additional amino acids.

Hydrolyzed Whey protein and isolates are the fastest absorbing forms of whey, which means they sit in the stomach for a shorter period of time (reducing the risk of stomach upset) and makes for a great supplement after an intense workout. Additionally, it is a great source of calcium and other enzymes that may boost your immune system.

Studies have shown athletes should consider consuming up to 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight each day which makes protein supplements the optimal choice to get enough protein during the day.

What Can it Do?

The idea of taking watery milk everyday between workouts doesn’t seem all that appealing; especially when there are other sources of protein out there such as soy and eggs, which seem to get the job done too. So why choose whey?

It Aids in Appetite Regulation
If you’re trying to cut back on fat while packing on pounds of muscle, then natural whey protein is your best bet.

Studies have shown that individuals who regularly take natural whey protein have significantly lower blood levels of the hormone ghrelin than individuals who chose any other type of protein or carb.

David J. Baer, PhD, research physiologist at USDA’s agriculture research service states, “[Ghrelin] is a hormone that helps regulate food intake. So the higher concentration, the more hungry somebody feels. The lower concentration, the fuller somebody feels.”

It Increases Muscle Growth
When compared to other types of protein such as casein, natural whey protein is digested quickly, which means you get a rush of nutrients when your body needs it the most: right after an intense workout.

Researchers explain, “Whey is high in leucine and the fact that it is rapidly digested means there is a rapid appearance of essential amino acids, including leucine.”

Consequently, these amino acids can stimulate protein synthesis faster, which means that you’ll be giving your body the building blocks it needs for the proper growth, repair, and maintenance of muscles.

It Can Improve Heart Health
whey protein for heart healthOver 70 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease, and it is responsible for nearly 40% of deaths each year. Many of these deaths could have been prevented through the careful regulation of blood pressure and saturated fat intake.

Interestingly, in one study, researchers observed 20 healthy male adults who consumed either a fermented milk supplement with whey protein or a placebo.

After 8 weeks, cholesterol levels were observed, and subjects taking the whey protein had improved levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and lower levels of triglycerides, suggesting that whey protein could potentially reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease when included as part of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Getting nutrition from protein is a very simple process whether you’re consuming isolates or concentrates. To maintain an anabolic state and build muscle mass throughout the day, it’s important to consumer between 25 to 50 grams every 3 to 4 hours. Adding a protein supplement to an already protein-rich diet is a great strategy to building lean muscle mass. It’s important to remember to get your protein from numerous source to see the maximum benefits.

Where to Find Natural Whey Protein?

Because natural whey protein is so simple to manufacture and is one of the most popular sources for protein in the bodybuilding industry, you can easily find whey protein in supplements, shakes, bars, and similar products both online and in stores.

For the best sources of whey protein, you’ll want to check out our top products listed here.

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    this is a good quality prdocut and i have experienced some solid gains while using it (this being my third tub). Effectiveness: I have been taking one scoop in the morning with milk and one straight after weights training with water, over the course of five weeks i have improved my maximum number of reps from 6 to 10, using the same weight and rarely feel soreness/stiffness the day after working out- probably due to the glutamine. Taste & Mixability: the taste is fine, slightly metallic when with water and there are few lumps if any- it is not an unpleasant experience when drinking the shakes. Despite the good quality of this prdocut it is quite substantially over priced, with competitors such as reflex instant whey and PhD pharma whey being of similar quality and around 50% cheaper. I therefore cannot give this prdocut any more than 3-4 stars.

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    Your so very welcome, I just rpelyed to Jane that I am thinking about putting a series of my protein powder on what I use it in, maybe some one would be interested! 🙂 I am glad I helped out, make sure you call the store to make sure they have the natural unflavored, they might have to order the unflavored? Who knows If ya have any questions let me know, take care Kristy

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