Natural Pro Complex Review

Many protein supplements add protein in adequate amounts, but provide low quality products that can’t be adequately absorbed by the body.

Natural Pro Complex is an all natural form of the original Pro Complex formula. The manufacturers promise that you will get better absorbability and various other benefits that were experienced in the former formula.

With Natural Pro Complex, you will finally be able to get better muscle building results with protein that comes from whey and egg albumen sources.

The manufacturers also advertise that there are no artificial sweeteners or anything else synthetic, just amazing protein.

With all these improvements, we looked into whether Natural Pro Complex actually works.

About Natural Pro Complex

Natural Pro Complex does actually report a considerable content of BCAA’s. It does, however, boast about 60g of protein.

The BCAA dosage they list runs around 14 grams. This is not an improvement on their former compound, and is less beneficial since they pair it with 60 grams of protein. Even high quality protein cannot be absorbed in that volume.

Frankly, the BCAA count in that much protein should be considerably higher. Since your body will be unable to absorb the proteins provided, it seems unnecessary to include so many.

The formula in Natural Pro Complex does not include any other major ingredients. They do add a stevia extract, which provides a few grams of sugar-like content.

Many other ingredients used in Natural Pro Complex seemed to be used to help with absorption, but it does have some fillers as well. This always reduces the value of a product.

Consumer Reviews

Though the overall reviews were mixed about Natural Pro Complex, there were several aspects that consumers liked. For example, they liked that the manufacturers used stevia as a sweetener instead of sugar because it is much better for you.

Also, they did see results and said that the mix went really well with water or milk.

On the other hand, many felt that the taste left a lot to be desired. Some experienced upset stomachs and felt that they were not getting quite the effects that they have with other products made by this company.


We found that this product cost around $70 for one bottle, which is a little pricey considering that the ingredients are not able to be used by the body. The price may, of course, be effected by the amount of high quality protein included in the formula, but there are other supplements that use high quality protein in smaller amounts and still give a good effect.

We did not see too many different types of branched chain amino acids in this product, which greatly affects the ability of the body to convert the provided protein into muscle.

Though many consumer reviews found that this product was effective, those who are picky about taste will probably not be very satisfied with this product. Those that are allergic to soy, milk, eggs, or gluten would do well to avoid this product because it includes all of those.

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