N-Large II Review

N-Large II is the formula that offers a massive 52g of protein – and advertisers would have you believe that this protein supplement is ultimate muscle-gaining formula.

With N-Large II, you will supposedly get more powerful results than ever before, due to the fact that manufacturers claim they only utilize the best whey protein for your success.

N-Large II is theoretically engineered to help you to build more muscle while eliminating more fat, so you can stick to your successful low carb diet. But does N-Large II actually work?

About N-Large II

N-Large II has about 52g of protein, which is nearly double the amount of the average protein powder. Unfortunately, N-Large II has chosen quantity over quality.

When it comes to protein, it matters how much you use as well as whatyou use. The fact of the matter is that N-Large II has only the lowest quality possible proteins and with these proteins, so these proteins will be difficult to digest (resulting in negative side effects) and difficult to absorb (so your muscle-building results will be minimal).

Additionally, a single serving of N-Large 2 offers nearly 620 calories, 89 carbs, and 24 grams of sugar. If you’re looking simply to bulk up and gain mass, then such an extreme formula may seem like a good option. On the other hand, if you may end up packing on more pounds of fat than actual muscle. Many recommend using half a serving rather than the full serving to ensure that you get the protein you need without the extra bulge.

Fortunately, N-Large 2 does offer a good selection of amino acids to stimulate protein synthesis – so it might be worth looking into if you use a little caution and pay attention to your calorie count.

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The Price

Before N-Large 3 was released, you could easily find a tub of N-large 2 for $50 per 10 lb, making it one of the more affordable products in the industry. Now it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find and purchase online due to the fact that Prolab released an upgrade of the popular product.

The Taste

As far as I could gather, N-Large 2 was only available in vanilla – which is almost disappointing. Most protein powders tend to at least offer both chocolate and vanilla, and occasionally strawberry if the manufacturers were feeling adventurous. Consumers said the taste was pretty terrible and that it does clump up in milk.


N-Large 2 is designed to help you bulk up via high concentrations of calories and protein, which may be a good thing depending on what you’re looking for. While it can certainly help you pack on pounds of muscle, if you’re not careful with this product, you might end up gaining more weight around your stomach than in your muscles.

Considering the fact that N-Large 2 is becoming harder to find and that there’s a more effective upgrade of the formula, N-Large 2 probably isn’t worth tracking down on lesser known websites. You’d be better off investing in a more effective protein powder or supplement such as the one’s listed on our top five page.

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