MyoPlex Lite RTD Review

MyoPlex Lite RTD is an all natural and light version of their original product.

With fewer calories and more protein according to them than ever before, you can enhance and amp up your workouts while also improving and adhering to your active lifestyle.

With MyoPlex Lite RTD, you will finally be able to get the comprehensive, complete, and efficient source of protein that your body needs! With MyoPlex Lite RTD, you will finally be able to get a ready to drink formula for life on the go instead of an inconvenient protein powder.

But how does MyoPlex Lite RTD actually work?

About MyoPlex Lite RTD

MyoPlex Lite RTD has about 20g of protein per serving, and it has a ready to go formula that does not have to be mixed. However, you pay for this ready to go version. The fact is that they charge you significantly more when you add up what you are actually getting to mix them up and put them in smaller containers for you.

So you are getting ripped off in that way for the exact same product! But beyond that MyoPlex Lite RTD does not actually have enough protein. You actually need about 24-26g of protein, not their listed 20g, even though they claim to use 25g. The label would disagree. Anyway, they have only the lowest quality possible protein, and all in all, it does not come through.


MyoPlex Lite RTD is not something that we would recommend. MyoPlex Lite RTD is just another waste of time and money. It does not actually give you the right ingredients, it does not actually give you the right amounts, and all in all, its proteins are of such low quality that it will more likely cause stomach upset than anything else. So we would definitely recommend that you look into other options.

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