Myogenix After Shock Review

Myogenix After Shock is a protein powder designed to be used in as “tactical post-workout.”

As a post-workout, Myogenix After Shock aims to help fuel recovery and muscle growth for the long-term rather than boosting performance in the meantime. As we examined this product, we found that it contains several staple goodies along with a few unique ingredients.

Using Myogenix After Shock, you should be able to fuel muscle growth but does it have the components to make it a superior product?

About Myogenix After Shock

Myogenix After Shock contains a great ratio of branched chain amino acids, focusing the most on L-Leucine. These BCAA’s are perfect for triggering protein sysnthesis and building new muscles. But besides BCAA’s, Myogenix After Shock has Magnesium Glycyl Glutamine, Molecularly Bonded Glutamine, and L-Norvaline.

Together these compounds help to thicken and expand muscle fibers, preserve muscle structure from breakdown during strenuous workouts, and spark tissue regeneration. With all these combined with ample amounts of creatine, Myogenix After Shock should be able to provide you with the raw materials needed to pack on and repair muscle.

Will Myogenix After Shock Really Work?

But while Myogenix After Shock has the components necessary to do a decent job, it still makes some mistakes with its formula. One of these is including Magnesium Creatine Chelate.

Magnesium Creatine Chelate is a form of creatine with unique chemical bonds that allow it to be absorbed quickly and be put to quicker use. This is nice but it doesn’t seem very handy for a “post-workout.” Creatine is meant to boost performance during vigorous anaerboic exercises. Its usefulness in a post-workout is limited at best.

Another thing we weren’t crazy about in Myogenix After Shock was that it contains 34 grams of protein per serving. While this tremendous amount, we’re just not sure how much of it the body can absorb before its lost in digestion. Myogenix After Shock has no casein blend for sustained protein supply. Instead it provides these 34 grams all at once, making it virtually impossible for your body to use all the protein it provides. That means you’re paying for ingredients you can’t use.


Myogenix After Shock is a supplement that will help you see results. But we are certain you can find other products that offer more cost effective benefits. Myogenix After Shock contains ingredients the body can’t make full use of. Find a product that you doesn’t force you to pay for useless ingredients.

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