MuscleTech CellTech Pro Review

Finding the best protein supplement can lead you in many directions. Some point to top products like Myotein, but others may direct you to Muscle Tech CellTech Pro.

While each protein powder has something different to offer or a certain approach the manufacturers take, we wondered whether this one had something both unique and useful.

The manufacturers promise that MuscleTech CellTech Pro is the ultimate biochemical, analytical method that will finally help you to achieve all of the great results that you are working and striving for.

With MuscleTech CellTech Pro, you will finally be able to get premium grade ingredients including the laboratory tested HPLC among other things. But does MuscleTech CellTech Pro actually work to help you to gain 16 pounds of muscle in just 10 weeks?

The Good

MuscleTech CellTech Pro has some good ingredients. They have various amino acids such as l-glutamine, l-lysine, and l-valine, among others. By providing these ingredients in their formula, they allow the protein and acids already present in your body to function better and more efficiently. This is meant to increase your muscle gain and help you build muscle faster.

Some of these ingredients are even BCAA’s, which are specifically known for their ability to enhance physical performance in general.

In addition, these ingredients can help to keep you strong and energized throughout a workout.

The Bad

Though these ingredients are wonderful, MuscleTech CellTech Pro has only tiny amounts.

The manufacturers seem have put only a few small proprietary blends to cover various ingredients, and sometimes they don’t even cover the needs of one of those ingredients, let alone do they cover the needed amounts of all in any of their blends. Any supplement or protein powder that doesn’t use the right amounts of ingredients won’t necessarily provide any unsafe side effects, but it may not provide any effects at all.

They use what seems to be only the lowest quality ingredients in general, and ultimately speaking, MuscleTech CellTech Pro does not actually come through.

Consumer Reviews

In spite of mentions of foul flavor, some consumers found that they got results from MuscleTech CellTech Pro. However, the effectiveness was inconsistent among different consumers and many found that the flavor was a major deterrent.

Some also mentioned that they felt stomach upset quite frequently while using this product, which is not good for something that is not likely to product major muscle gains anyway.

The Skinny

As can probably be gleaned from the analysis, we would not recommend using MuscleTech CellTech Pro. MuscleTech CellTech Pro does not actually have the right ingredients, MuscleTech CellTech Pro does not have the right amounts, and all in all, MuscleTech CellTech Pro does not have the greater quality you would need for greater benefits.

In fact, there are a lot of other products that can do what this one asserts it does. For example, Myotein provides a formula with adequate high-quality ingredients that give you the best muscle building support possible.

In addition, Myotein is known for its good flavor and high consumer ratings.

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