MuscleSpeed MS4 Review

Though not a protein powder, MuscleSpeed MS4 does claim to help on several muscle building fronts. It contains five different matrices meant to boost energy, bolster performance, accelerate neural transmission, and stave off fatigue.

By trying to take a comprehensive approach, MuscleSpeed MS4 has one of the most complicated list of ingredients we’ve studied.

Does it really need all those ingredients to be effective, or is MuscleSpeed MS4 just throwing everything including the kitchen sink into their bottle and hoping it will produce some kind of result?

About MuscleSpeed MS4

MuscleSpeed MS4 has beta-alanine. This amino acid reinforces carnosine concentrations. Carnosine helps muscles maintain healthy PH levels so they can reach higher levels of performance for longer durations.

MuscleSpeed MS4 also contains Acetyl L-Carnitine. This ingredients is well known for its ability to supply the blood with brain and to also protect nerve cells.

Does MuscleSpeed MS4 Really Work?

Though this product has some interesting ingredients, MuscleSpeed MS4 is really trying to do too much. With five specific formulas, crammed into one pill, it seems unlikely that any of them are concentrated enough to do their job well. The trouble is, it’s impossible to tell if the pills are effective because they hide behind proprietary blends.

These blends have to list what ingredients are in them but they aren’t required to divulge how much of each are included. Some of MuscleSpeed MS4’s ingredients are dosage specific meaning they have to hit a certain milligram threshold before they become effective. Without knowing the concentrations, it’s hard to know if anything MuscleSpeed MS4 is effective.


Besides being a gamble on ingredient concentrations, MuscleSpeed MS4 is a bust when it comes to some of its actual formula components. Their “powerful blends” are really nothing more than some over-hyped multivitamins.

For the consumer looking to stack on muscle and cut fat, MuscleSpeed MS4 isn’t going to measure up. It’s only amino acid is beta-alanine and it’s only fat burners are caffeine anhydrous and capsicum. These minimal ingredients lead to minimal results. We have to recommend looking elsewhere.

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