Muscle Warfare: Nuke

Muscle Warfare: NukeMuscle Warfare has created a new supplement called Nuke.

This product is designed to drench muscles in free form essential amino acids that are transferred directly through the bloodstream as glucose polymers, hydrating the muscles and providing sustained energy.

Muscle Warfare: Nuke Ingredients

The body uses essential amino acids for all sorts of functions, from hormone balancing to energy sustenance and muscle repair. We’ve found that customers generally combine Nuke with a pre-workout before starting their routine, continue using throughout the workout, and then drinking up afterwards to rehydrate their muscles and help with repairing the torn tissue.

Nuke is designed to be a thorough support system through all functions and essential elements of a workout: preparation, endurance, and recovery.

About Muscle Warfare: Nuke Muscle Warfare: Nuke

Nuke is stimulant and dye free, which makes it an ideal companion to most pre and post workout blends. If you’re between cycles, you can continue using it because it’s non-harmful formula is designed to nourish muscles without stressing the body.


As a non-essential support supplement, we would say that Nuke is worth it depending on how much money you have lying around. It’s obviously a nutritious addition to your routine, and the non-stimulant formula can reinforce your progress.

But as far as it being an “essential” component, we would say not. If you use protein regularly and eat a healthy diet, you’ll be able to continue making progress without Nuke.

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