Muscle Nitro PM Review

muscle nitro pm

When you workout, your muscles tend to break down and sometimes you can actually become weaker if you are not taking in the proper nutrients. Protein is one of the most important nutrients for the body to have during and after workouts because it helps to reduce catabolism and build muscle.

Muscle Nitro PM focuses on producing protein by supplementing a group of amino acids along with other vitamins and minerals. This post workout supplement by Champion Nutrition appears to be a safe and effective way to build muscle and reduce recovery time.

The Eye Test

When it comes to post workout supplements, you generally want ingredients that will eliminate catabolism and produce muscle growth. Muscle Nitro PM contains three amino acids that are called BCAAs orbranched chain amino acids. These amino acids are:

• Leucine
• IsoLeucine
• Valine

Because BCAAs are amino acids, they help replenish protein supplies after a workout. Studies have shown that BCAAs help to reduce the breakdown of muscles during a workout as well as speed up the recovery of muscle tissue afterwards.

Along with BCAAs, Muscle Nitro PM contains vitamin C, which is considered a safe and natural antioxidant. Antioxidants can be important after a workout because they help the body to recover. Vitamin C is a safe and non-toxic antioxidant.

If you are looking for extreme anabolic results, you may not get them with Muscle Nitro PM, but this product is bound to give you a quicker recovery from workouts and leaner muscle growth.

Eye Score: 9/10

The Safety Test

Because Muscle Nitro PM contains all natural ingredients and relies on amion acids to produce protein, this supplement can be generally be considered. Amino acids are typically non-toxic as well as the other vitamins and minerals found in Muscle Nitro PM’s blend.

Safety Score: 9/10

The Wallet Test

You can find Muscle Nitro PM on Champion Nutrition’s main web page for around $45. Chances are you will experience results, but they are probably not worth paying that much money for.

The good news is you can find Muscle Nitro PM being sold from various retailers for a much lower cost. We recommend searching around for the lowest price and trying it out.

Wallet Score: 7/10

Overall Score

Muscle Nitro PM is not going to produce mind blowing results, but it should help you recover better after each workout. Retail price for Muscle Nitro PM makes this supplement not worth it unless you can find a good sale price.

Overall, we would recommend Muscle Nitro PM to anybody who can find it on sale and is looking for a safe and conservative post workout supplement.

Overall Score: 8/10

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