Muscle Juice 2544 Review

Are you in the market for a protein powder that can dramatically increase your muscle gains and help optimize your workouts? If so, you should learn more about Muscle Juice 2544.

Its manufacturers claim that with Muscle Juice 2544, you will finally be able to get 55 powerful grams of protein per serving!

With Muscle Juice 2544, you will potentially finally get the delivery of over 13,000mg of pure BCAA’s, the equivalent of about 13g of BCAA’s, and apparently, you will get an amazing taste with virtually no sugar or carbs!

Does Muscle Juice 2544 actually work as well as leading protein powders like Myotein?

Let’s take a closer look at Muscle Juice 2544 and see what it is actually capable of.

About Muscle Juice 2544

With Muscle Juice 2544, you get a powerful 55g of proteins in each serving.

While this sounds pretty impressive, unfortunately When it comes to Muscle Juice 2544, the simple fact is that you are not really going to get anything special. With amounts like 55g of protein, you should actually be getting far more than 13g of BCAA’s or other amino acids. Most of that 55g should be pure BCAA’s or amino acids!

So this just goes to show you that they are using extremely low quality proteins at best. If you try Muscle Juice 2544, you will truthfully be getting about 60g of sugars, which is a much higher amount of sugar than of proteins. In other words, this does not even begin to balance out!

How Do You Use Muscle Juice 2544?

The recommended usage of Muscle Juice 2544 is to mix four scoops of the powder with 18 ounces of either water or milk.

What Else Should You Know About Muscle Juice 2544?

One thing I actually really liked about Muscle Juice 2544 is that it has great variety.

With Muscle Juice 2544, you have five great-tasting flavors to choose from: banana, chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry, and vanilla.

Also, Muscle Juice 2544 is pretty well-priced. I found its five pound bottle priced at just $28.99, and I saw its 10.45 pound bottle set at $44.39, which really is a pretty great deal.

Do I Think You Should Give Muscle Juice 2544 a Try?

Despite the good flavors and competitive pricing, I do not recommend using Muscle Juice 2544. It will not give you the results that you want and/or expect from a protein powder.

Instead, I think that you should find a protein powder that will actually get the job done for you, such as Myotein. If you would like to learn more about Myotein, visit its official website at

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    It is very good supplement ……..i am gain 5kg weight in 45 days with creatin

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