Monster Milk Review

Monster Milk is a protein powder that could potentially maximize your lean muscle gains and your overall strength–all while tasting delicious.

Obviously there is more to a protein powder than the way it tastes. I decided to take a closer look at Monster Milk’s formula to see if it really works or not. Comparing Monster Milk to Myotein–the #1 protein powder–is another good way to see if Monster Milk is your best option.

What Are the Benefits?

Monster Milk is made with fast and slow-absorbing proteins, which gives your body instant and sustained energy. When different types of protein are used, your body also gets different benefits from each one. Besides protein, Monster Milk has creatine and other essential amino acids, which are supposed to boost your muscle strength and growth and enhance your workout performance.

The Formula of Monster Milk

Monster Milk’s sustained-release protein blend is made of milk protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, micellar casein, and calcium and sodium caseinate. The fast-release blend has whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and lactoferrin. These are all high-quality proteins that should provide your muscles with energy and nutrients for faster growth and recovery. There are 50 grams of protein in each serving (2 scoops).

Monster Milk also has these ingredients in the following doses:

L-Glutamine (5 grams) – Speeds up muscle repair and prevents breakdown
Creatine Monohydrate (3 grams) – Increases ATP production to give muscles more energy and to speed up growth
Beta Alanine (2 grams) – Boosts muscular strength and endurance

Is This a Good Formula?

Monster Milk has a large dose of high-quality proteins, which is what you’ll also find in Myotein’s formula. I like that Monster Milk offers fast and slow-absorbing types of the protein; plus muscle-building ingredients like Beta Alanine and Creatine.

Because it uses these latter ingredients, Monster Milk is designed for people who are serious about building muscle strength and mass. It may not be the best product to take if you’re trying to slim down.

Will Monster Milk Cause Side Effects?

Monster Milk doesn’t contain stimulants, which eliminates a major cause of side effects. However, creatine monohydrate is known for promoting water retention and causing bloating and stomach upset. I recommend starting with a smaller dose and working your way up to a powerful dose that gives you results, but doesn’t cause side effects.

Another concern I have is with the amount of protein used. At 50 grams per serving, Monster Milk has more protein than the body can handle. When your body gets too much protein, a lot gets flushed out as waste.

What’s the Best Way to Use It?

Since Monster Milk is designed for bodybuilders, you’ll get the best results by working out regularly and eating nutritious food. I recommend only taking 1 scoop of Monster Milk, which will give you 25 grams of protein. This is a dose your body can handle, so protein is less likely to be wasted. You should get better results and you won’t experience discomfort or stomach upset as a result of too-much protein.

If you want more energy during your workout, take Monster Milk 30 minutes before your workout. If you want to speed up recovery, take the product 30 minutes after your workout or before bed.

Buying & Returning Monster Milk

Monster Milk comes in containers of approximately 2 lbs. and 4 lbs. The price for 2 lbs. ranges from $34 to $55 when you buy it online. Four pounds costs anywhere from $62 to $100. These prices are typical of what you’d pay for high-quality protein. For example, 2.5 lbs. of Myotein costs around $40-$50 and 2 lbs. of Gold Standard Whey Protein costs about $40.

A money back guarantee isn’t mentioned on the official website, so you may not be able to return it when buying online. However, when you buy it from stores, they might have a return policy for used/opened bottles.


Monster Milk would be a good product for bodybuilders who want high-quality protein and muscle building ingredients like creatine. However, I do have a concern with creatine because it makes Monster Milk more likely to cause side effects. On the other hand, Myotein–which doesn’t use creatine–rarely causes side effects and it’s a great product for anyone; bodybuilder or not.

The price for Monster Milk is typical, but it doesn’t come with a guarantee so you try it at your own risk. Myotein has a 90-day 100% money back guarantee.

I think Monster Milk is a good protein powder, but Myotein is the best, for several reasons. I recommend trying Myotein instead. It costs less per pound, comes guaranteed, and has an awesome formula.

Feel free to share your thoughts on Monster Milk below. Do you like it? Does it cause side effects? Would you recommend it?

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Monster Milk User Reviews

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  1. Comment

    04/2712 I start monster milk and c if it works I’ll post again 6 weeks from now let u guys know if it made a difference.

    Patricio soto
    April 27, 2012 at 6:55 am
    • Comment

      Hurry up

      Dirty Dan
      May 23, 2012 at 1:04 am
      • Comment

        Is it safe for me to take a low concentration of cretniae?Im 16 and have been weightlifting for the past year and a half now, basically every other weekday (3 days a week), to allow my muscles time to rest. I have read a lot of scientific and health articles on the supplement and have a pretty thorough understanding of its risks and benefits. I know that I MUST drink a lot of water while on cretniae, or else my muscles will become very dry and tight. I also know it is naturally made in the body, about 1g per day and assists in the phosphorylation of ATP, allowing access to extra help at the molecular level while weightlifting and training for sports; I play baseball, basketball, and rugby.So I was wondering if a low concentration of cretniae would be safe for me and my body; maybe around 10g to 20g of cretniae per day that I lift or train. I currently consume around 23-56g of 100% whey protein in the form of mixing powder after each time I lift or train. Please give me proof you read the description so that I can sincerely believe that you have taken into consideration my age and what is best for my health. Thank you!I weigh on average 157-158 pounds, usually about 157 before workouts and 158-159 after workouts from drinking tons of water to ensure I wont dehydrate. I am 5’10 or 5’11 , somewhere around there, and i have never taken any supplements to enhance muscle growth, only protein, which isnt considered a supplement.

        January 15, 2013 at 10:49 pm
      • Comment

        that there has to be a scientific acppoarh I can take to boosting my general cardio/fitness. I do go to the gym, run on the various cardio machines, but the whole acppoarh seems scattered (at best).* Are there any good sites/articles that I could use to inform my plan?* Are there any nutritional supplements I could take (carb drinks, bars, etc) before practice/match that would really help?* Is there a specific kind of doctor/trainer that could provide real guidance without mucho dinero?

        January 17, 2013 at 12:25 pm
  2. Comment

    I did not care for the taste. The initial taste was okay, then the after taste reminded me of a medicine. Just didn’t care for it. I had the Banana.

    June 28, 2012 at 2:00 pm
  3. Comment

    They’re still investigating weehtr or not the compound they made was illegal. If so, the team manager or whatever is at fault for using a banned substance in the US, the vet is at fault for writing the prescription, AND the pharmacy is at fault for making it and making it wrong.Can you imagine being the person responsible for miscalculating the concentration of the ingredients. I don’t know how I would live with myself. That poor person!And I used to order my founder pony’s drugs from Franck’s! I’m glad they never messed up his dosage. They’re a huge pharmacy in FL the local surgery center here goes through them. Makes me worry about ordering from there, even though I know it was an isolated incident. Prayers go out to ALL involved in this horrible accident (and yes, I do think it was an accident).

    January 17, 2013 at 9:42 am
  4. Comment

    I have used Monster Milk since the early 90’s with great results and NO side effects. It mixes well,is easy to take and has a well balanced protein profile. I have NEVER see any Creatine mentioned on the label at all so I don’t know where the reviewer is checking for that!! I am 64 years old, have been working out since the late 1970’s and have tried many protein supplements and this one work out the best for me. At 5’10” and 215pounds I am solid, 16.5″ biceps and still maintain a 48+ inch chest and have heavily muscled “wings” when I flair my lats!! Muscle Milk!!!

    November 23, 2015 at 9:40 am

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