Molecular Nutrition Test Factor Review

Though not a protein powder solution, Test Factor looked promising for for its muscle building potential.

Unlike products like Myotein that focus on infusing your body with needed protein and essential amino acids, this product works to build you up in different ways.

At its heart, this product is a testosterone booster.

Aside from revving your sex drive, heightened levels of testosterone have been proven to improve workout performance, build lead muscle, and burn stores of fat.

Testosterone boosters are always a great way to supplement your protein intake, so we thought we’d take Test Factor for a test drive.

About Molecular Nutrition Test Factor

The good thing about Molecular Nutrition’s Test Factor is an ingredient called ActeoFIT. ActeoFIT is classified as a selective estrogen receptor modulator(SERM). SERMs are known for their anti-estrogenic properties.

They repress estrogen-like action that occur within the body. By doing this, ActeoFIT helps your testosterone run free to achieve its maximum effect. Furthermore, unlike other estrogen blockers that use aromatase inhibitors, SERMs are relatively safe to reduce estrogenic effects.

Does Molecular Nutrition Test Factor Really Work?

Aside from ActeoFIT, Test Factor falls short. The three other main ingredients are Eurycoma Longfolia, Vitamin D, and RC Pensis. Eurycoma Longfolia is usually a great testosterone booster, proven time and time again, but Test Factor only includes 50mg of it.

Vitamin D has also had some recent love from the media for being able to boost testosterone, but even if it really does work, $40 will get you a whole lot more Vitamin D than Test Factor gives you. Finally, Test Factors, core ingredient is its patented formula called RC Pensis.

The only thing we can find on it is that it is made from an herbal extract called ruta chalepensis. In our research we found case studies on ruta chalepensis that linked it to increased libido and muscle spasm reduction but we saw nothing tying it to increased testosterone or enhanced athletic performance.

With insufficient ingredients like these, it seems that Molecular Nutrition Test Factor is less than effective and does not actually provide any protein supplementation.


Despite the fact that ActeoFIT distinguishes itself as an ingredient we will keep our eyes out for in other products, Molecular Nutrition’s Test Factor overall is not the testosterone supplement we were hoping for.

After careful review and research, we have found that only one of its ingredients really has substantial value. RC Pensis has yet to impress, and the limited amounts of Vitamin D and Eurycoma Longfolia make this product extremely inefficient for its cost.

One of the best ways to find a product that is worth the price is to look into top products like Myotein. Though Myotein approaches muscle gain in different ways than Molecular Nutrition Test Factor, it provides enough protein and other essential elements to help bolster muscle growth and give you the hardest and biggest muscle possible.

For these reasons, we suggest looking into a product like Myotein for help with muscle gain.

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    Body Building Supplements!?Okay so im 17, almost 18 and I worukot regularly (for the past 3 years) and i’ve been making good progress.But i wanna step it up to the next level, but I also wanna keep it safe.I was wondering if it is safe to take all of the following products together. -Creatine Monohydrate(GNC brand)-Tribulus Terrestris Extract( Universal Tribulus Pro)-DHEA(MRM)I was told that the tribulus is basically like a testosterone booster and if im going to take it to make sure I also take the DHEA. I dont know too much about stuff like this so try to dumb it down a bit if it sounds complicated lol. Btw I intake about 200 grams of protein daily, from mixed sources. drink atleast 1.5 gallons of water a day, I know I need to for the creatine but idk if it matters for the other supplements.Also can you tell me exactly what testosterone boosters, and DHEA do to your body.Thank you so much!!!

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