Met-RX Protein Revolution Review

Met-RX Protein Revolution has more to offer than just your typical whey protein. It’s also formulated with four blends designed to increase power, preserve muscles, raise energy, and improve absorption.

Protein Revolution comes from a manufacturer who’s been in the business for a while, so I have high expectations of this product. Will it deliver results and quality protein as well as the leading protein powder Myotein?

The Protein

Each serving of Protein Revolution (2 scoops, 77 grams) has 30 grams of protein, which is 60% of your daily value. This protein blend is made up of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Both of these are fast-absorbing proteins, and isolate is the purest form of protein available.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how much of that 30 grams of protein is concentrate and how much is the higher quality isolate. With Myotein, I’m not concerned about whether or not it’s a high-quality product because it has so many types of high-quality protein in its formula. I am concerned about Protein Revolution’s quality.

The 4 Blends

Pro Power Blend (5.2 g) – Creatine monohydrate, creatine citrate, and creatine ethyl ester

Using these creatines, Protein Revolution is supposed to increase your muscle strength and growth. Creatine is a muscle-bulking ingredient.

Pro Defense Blend (7 g) – L-glutamine, L-arginine, L-leucine, L-valine, and isoleucine

L-glutamine is proven to preserve lean muscle and prevent breakdown. L-arginine raises nitric oxide levels and red blood cell count. The last three ingredients are branch-chained amino acids that help improve muscle growth and recovery.

Pro Neuro-Energy Blend (1.1 g) – L-taurine, medium chain triglycerides, and chromium

These ingredients are supposed to prevent mental fatigue, but none of them have been clinically proven to do this.

Pro Transport Blend (17.2 g) – Waxy maize, dextrose, fructose, sugar, Bioperine, black pepper extract

I’ve found research which shows that waxy maize, Bioperine, and black pepper extract can improve nutrient delivery and absorption. Another good ingredient for this job is Aminogen, which is found in Myotein and many other protein powders.

Protein Revolution also has several essential and nonessential amino acids.

Supplement Facts per Serving

• 280 calories
• 3.5 grams of fat
• 95 mg of cholesterol
• 24 grams of carbs
• 14 grams of sugar
• 30 grams of protein

These numbers (except for protein) are very high for a protein powder! For an example, look at Myotein. In one serving, it has 146 calories, 1 gram of fat, 27 mg of cholesterol, 7 grams of carbs, and 3 grams of sugar.

Protein Revolution has a good dose of protein, but it’s a little on the high side. Most quality protein powders have around 25 grams per serving. Myotein has 26 grams.

Is Protein Revolution Safe?

I couldn’t find very many customer reviews of Protein Revolution, so I couldn’t use these to determine if the product is safe. Based on the ingredients and doses used, I think there is a chance it could cause side effects.

Creatine is known for causing stomach upset and bloating. Protein Revolution has a huge dose.

Your body can only handle so much protein at one time. If you overload it, the extra protein will get wasted. If the 30 grams of protein in Protein Revolution is too much for your body to handle, you could experience gas, bloating, and stomach upset.

Flavors & Mixability

Protein Revolution comes in two flavors: Vanilla and Chocolate. Again, I could only find a handful of reviews so I’m not sure if users like these flavors, which one they like best, or if Protein Revolution mixes well.

Protein Revolution can be mixed with juice or water. Since it’s already high in fat and calories, I wouldn’t recommend mixing it with milk. Before you mix, add the fluid and then the powder. This will prevent the powder from clumping and stick to the bottom of your blender or cup. Just be sure to mix it well to break up any clumps.

How to Use It

You’re supposed to take 2 rounded scoops of Protein Revolution, twice a day. I think this is a good dose, but I don’t recommend taking it from day 1. Start out with just 1 scoop, twice a day, for the first few days and then build up to 2 scoops, twice a day.

Because it contains creatine, Protein Revolution should be taken before your workout and then again right after.

The Cost

Protein Revolution only comes in one size: 2.5 lbs. When you buy it on the official website, it costs $39.99. You can also find it on for as low as $33 or on for $26. The lower prices make me more inclined to think that Protein Revolution may not be the highest-quality protein powder. Usually high-quality products like Myotein cost $50 to $60.

The only site that offers a money back guarantee is the official site. You have 90 days to return the product for a refund. They don’t specify if it’s a full refund or not.

Should You Try Protein Revolution?

There are several things I like about Protein Revolution. It has whey protein isolate, which is great protein. Like Myotein, it has ingredients besides protein; which are supposed to improve your performance, growth, and nutrient absorption. And I like that the manufacturer offers a guarantee.

I would like more information on the guarantee and ingredient doses. The manufacturer has combined all the ingredients (except the amino acids) into blends, so I can’t see if the right amounts are used. I’m also concerned because Protein Revolution has a large amount of calories, fat, carbs, sugar, and cholesterol.

Overall, I think Protein Revolution is better than some protein powders I’ve seen. But I don’t think it can deliver results and quality protein like Myotein does.

If you want more information on Myotein, I highly recommend visiting the official website.

Have you tried Protein Revolution? If yes, please feel free to share your comments and opinion below!

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