Maxitone Sculptress Review

Most protein supplements are geared toward men, but there are protein supplements meant for women as well. Maxitone Sculptress is a protein shake designed specifically for women.

Its formula is not only designed to build muscle like Myotein’s formula does, but also to provide a more comprehensive approach to weight loss by suppressing appetite, raising resting metabolic rate, and burning fat.

The Maxitone Sculptress Formula

Maxitone Sculptress contains a whopping 32 grams of protein per serving. This is huge. With such a high concentration of protein, Maxitone Sculptress could help trigger protein synthesis and the creation of new muscle.

For providing energy and giving you a boost for your workout, Maxitone Sculptress adds green tea and guarana, both of which contain caffeine.

CLA’s are another addition to Maxitone Sculptress’ formula. CLA’s are good fats which help keep other fats in check. Several studies have shown that CLA’s can even promote lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass your body has, the more calories it burns at a resting rate.

How to Use It?

If you’re planning to use Maxitone Sculptress for getting in shape, the best time to take it is right after a workout. This provides your muscle with the fuel they need to repair and grow. If you’re using it for weight loss, it’s best to use it as a meal replacement. Most users take 1-2 scoops at a time, 1-2 times per day.

Is the Formula Good?

Though the manufacturers have added in 32 grams of protein, it may be a low quality that is hard to absorb. I’m actually not sure what quality of protein uses because the official website doesn’t say, but based off the cost, it’s likely that this product doesn’t have high quality protein.

Are There Any Concerns

Dumping 32 grams of low quality protein into your stomach increases your chances for stomach upset, bloating, and other side effects. Because your body can only handle so much protein, a good portion of every serving may get flushed out, which won’t do your body any good.

Maxitone Sculptress may also cause stimulant-related side effects as well. Since the formula includes green tea and guarana, using Maxitone Sculptress might lead to side effects like jitters, anxiety, increased heart rate, and insomnia. If you’re sensitive to stimulants it might not be right for you.

What Do Users Say?

There aren’t very many customer reviews of Maxitone Sculptress online, so it’s difficult to get a good idea of what users think. The reviews I was able to find either said Maxitone Sculptress was great and they liked how it worked, tasted, and mixed; or they said it didn’t work, didn’t taste good, and caused side effects.

With such mixed reviews, it’s hard to know exactly how much users like Maxitone Sculptress. On the other hand, Myotein gets dozens of positive reviews. After reading a few of these, it’s not hard to see exactly what users think of it.

Buying & Returning

Maxitone Sculptress is made and sold in the UK, but you can also purchase it online and they ship internationally. The price for one container is about $31. The official website doesn’t say how large the container is or how many servings it has in it. A 2.5 lbs. container (30 servings) of Myotein costs about $59.95. Myotein costs more because it has high quality ingredients; which–due to its lower price–may not be the case with Maxitone Sculptress.

The official website does offer a guarantee for products purchased from them. All you have to do is use Maxitone Sculptress as directed for 30 days while following a healthy diet and regular exercise plan. If you don’t like your results, you can return it within 40 days for a “genuine refund”.


The ingredients in Maxitone Sculptress should make a difference in muscle building or weight loss, but there is also a chance that they could cause side effects; especially for people who are sensitive to stimulants. I would also like to know what quality of protein is used. If it’s low quality protein–coming in such a large dose–your body will be less able to absorb and utilize it.

Overall, I think Maxitone Sculptress is a good protein powder, but it’s not one of the best. If you want to see what one of the best protein powders looks like, take a look at Myotein. It works for men and women who want to build muscle or lose weight, using the highest quality protein available.

If you’ve tried Maxitone Sculptress, I would love to hear your opinion. Please share it below!

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