Mass Xplosion Review

Mass Xplosion comes in a massive tub will supposedly help you to get the ingredients you need, when you need it.

Manufacturers would have you believe that with Mass Xplosion, you will be able to get a delicious blend of carbohydrates and protein, offering a formula with a perfect 2:1 ratio for success! Additionally, Mass Xplosion also offers plenty of whey proteins and glutamine peptides to encourage muscle-building and growth like never before.

But does Mass Xplosion actually work? Does Mass Xplosion have what you would need for real weight loss success?

About Mass Xplosion

Created by InterSport, Mass Xplosion has a number of potentially powerful amino acids. Likewise, Mass Xplosion lists 50g of pure protein! Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? That’s nearly double the amount of other protein powders and supplements, and if the protein were high-quality, then Mass Xplosion could definitely help you pack on the pounds.

However, consumers should be aware that the body can only digest about 30-40 grams of protein in an hour, and any extra protein is eliminated from the body rather than stored. To ensure that you’re not wasting your protein intake, you’ll want to take smaller servings or spread out your consumption time throughout the day.

Side Effects

If the 50 Grams of protein were as pure as manufacturers would have you believe, then you probably wouldn’t have to worry about negative side effects. Unfortunately, much of the protein used in this supplement is fairly low quality, which means it is difficult to absorb and will eliminated through your stools rather than being converted into pounds of muscle.

Because it is hard on the digestive tract, consumers should expect negative side effects such as bloating, cramping, gas, nausea, diarrhea, and constipation.

Product Price

Mass Xplosion used to be available through numerous online stores and retailers, but now it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find (I suspect it was discontinued). If you’re lucky, you can still find a tub of Mass Xplosion for about $16.95 for a 4lb tub or $38.95 for a 10 lb. container, making it one of the most affordable protein supplements on the market.


Mass Xplosion is offered in the typical three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Consumers have complained that it doesn’t mix well and the taste is almost too sweet to be bearable.

How to Use Mass Xplosion

the suggested use is 2-3 scoops daily with 10-132 ounces of cold water. Oddly enough, Mass Xplosion’s ingredient label is for 4 scoops, which is more than the recommended amount. This is confusing for consumers, as it makes the product look like it has more to offer than it actually dose.


The advertising is sketchy at best, and consumer reviews have been fairly negative so far. With the increased risk for side effects and the limited availability for purchase, I have a hard time recommending Mass Xplosion to users. While it could definitely help you pack on the pounds, the extra carbs, calories, and cholesterol will make sure that those pounds are in fat rather than pure muscle. You’d be better off investing in a more reliable formula, such as any of the top five protein powders listed on this site.

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