IntrAbolic Review

IntrAbolic is designed to help your body specifically DURING your workout, an angle that is fairly unique in the world of sports nutrition.

It claims to do this in several ways: stimulates the Anabolic Response, helps build muscle; fights muscle breakdown, boosts recovery; boosts endurance and muscular strength; IntrAbolic-Peptides provide 70-80% rapidly absorbed, low-molecular weight di- and tripeptides.

IntrAbolic Ingredients

IntrAbolic has a decent blend of ingredients, including a slough of amino acids, hydrolyzed whey protein, arginine, beta alanine, FFAA’s (free-form amino acids), and BCAA’s (branched-chain amino acids). These can work to help stimulate muscle growth and support muscle exhaustion during your workout.

The arginine can potentially increase oxygenation of muscle tissue which can work as a vasodilator, increasing nutrient uptake into the muscles, preventing damage and helping to increase mass.

The blend includes “1.6 grams of beta-alanine. This amino acid is being touted as the next creatine. It works by increasing intracellular carnosine levels which has been surmised to soak up hydrogen ions (the molecule that cases the burn). This allows you to train harder and longer ultimately promoting increased muscle mass and strength.”

Does IntrAbolic Really Work?

Like many intra-workout supplements, IntrAbolic re-hydrates the body with electrolytes and vital minerals that are lost during workout–causing fatigue. “The importance of replacing the electrolytes: sodium, potassium and chloride should not be overlooked since, during exercise, we are losing electrolytes at an accelerated rate.

Just as important, is their ability to assist in the absorption of fluid and carbohydrate uptake in the gut. The minerals calcium and magnesium are included as they are needed for muscular contraction and muscular growth. When magnesium levels are low during exercise, research has shown fatigue increases.”


IntrAbolic has received good reviews from customers. We feel that the blend is wholesome, and is sure to make a difference in your workout overall. We suggest you try it, but have found that there are better supplements on the market for this very purpose that have a more holistic take on recovery and intra-workout fatigue.

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IntrAbolic User Reviews

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    u can workout for hours and hours a day and go home, eat like shit (unhealthy) and all your time and deidcation u spent at the gym will be big waste of time.. people think that u can look like this guy by giving it 100% at the gym and thats it.Wrong!!!nutrition is just as important if not more

    January 15, 2013 at 6:00 am

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