HumaPro Review

HumaPro is a unique protein powder because it doesn’t use whey protein. According to the manufacturers, what it does use is better and more effective.

Whey protein is what Myotein uses and it just so happens to be the Best Protein Powder of the Year. Let’s compare HumaPro to Myotein and see if the former product really is better and more effective.

What Are the Ingredients?

If you look at the supplement facts of HumaPro, you won’t see the word “protein” mentioned even once. Instead you’ll see these amino acids, which are combined into a 5.15 gram proprietary blend:

• L-Leucine
• L-Valine
• L-Isoleucine
• L-Phenylalanine
• L-Threonine
• L-Methione
• L-Tryptophan
• L-Tyrosine
• L-Cystine
• L-Leucine Malate

The first three ingredients are branched-chained amino acids, which can efficiently promote protein muscle synthesis when used in the right ratio (2:1:1). In other words, they may produce the same effects as whey protein; in terms of enhancing muscle growth and recovery. However, since all these ingredients are combined into a blend, I cannot determine if the right amounts have been used.

Is HumaPro Really Better Than Whey Protein?

On the official website, there is a link to information comparing HumaPro and whey protein. This link compares a study of HumaPro to studies done on diabetics who took whey protein. In conclusion, “researchers” say that studies on HumaPro show that it’s a better option than whey protein…but this study was performed on 9 people!

The tiny sample size and the high potential for researcher bias make me hesitant to believe the manufacturer’s claim that HumaPro really is better than whey protein.

Will HumaPro Be Safe?

Because it doesn’t use whey protein, HumaPro would be a great option for people who are lactose intolerant or who have certain allergies. However, with 7.42 grams of amino acids per serving (one scoop), HumaPro might cause some side effects like stomach pain, upset stomach, or nausea. These side effects should go away once your body has had a chance to adjust to the doses.

Does It Work Fast?

How fast HumaPro works depends on a couple things. First, how quickly will your body respond to and absorb these ingredients? HumaPro doesn’t have an ingredient like Aminogen that speeds up absorption. Aminogen is a patented enzyme, which can be found in Myotein. Studies show that it enhances absorption significantly. Second, before the amino acids in HumaPro can mimic the effects of protein, they have to synthesize it. There’s no telling how long this will take.

HumaPro may not be a fast-acting protein powder like Myotein; which–besides Aminogen–has several fast-absorbing types of protein.

Directions for Use

If you want the equivalent of 25 grams of protein, you need to take at least 1 scoop of HumaPro a day. This is the same dose you’d find in 1 scoop of Myotein; except that Myotein has actual protein. I recommend taking 2 scoops of HumaPro a day–one at a time–to get 100% of your Daily Value of protein.

The Cost & Guarantee

A 60 serving container of HumaPro costs around $46 to $60. This is a high price to pay for a product that doesn’t have clinically proven ingredients. Myotein has 6 high-quality, clinically proven proteins. When you buy it from, a 60 serving container costs $59.95. Besides quality, researched ingredients, this price gives you a 100% money back guarantee. HumaPro doesn’t come with a guarantee so you try it–hoping it works for you–at your own risk.

Pick it Or Pitch It?

I’m hesitant to recommend HumaPro, not because it doesn’t actually have protein, but because it doesn’t have enough reliable research backing its formula. I’m much more confident in Myotein which has several proven ingredients, a long-standing reputation for effectiveness, and great ratings from users and experts. Plus, Myotein comes guaranteed, so you don’t have to risk anything when you try it.

I recommend using Myotein instead of taking a chance on HumaPro.

If you’ve tried HumaPro, I would love to hear your opinion. Does it work as well as protein powder? Would you recommend it?

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