Focus, energy, vascular pumps, and muscle growth is everything you’d want out from a good pre-workout supplement.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending how you look at it) there is no end to the stream of products that claim to accomplish these goals. One such supplement is EFX K-OTIC.

This pre-wrokout is loaded with ingredients that aim to increase muscle output, prime muscle growth, improve circulation, and manipulate brain chemistry for longer, more focused workouts. We decided to take a closer look at EFX K-OTIC to see if it could be as effective as they claim.


EFX K-OTIC does contains some great ingredients. Their creatine blend contains the patented compound Kre-Alkalyn as well as some buffered creatine monohydrate.

Together, these ingredients can amplify levels of ATP so your muscles have the fuel to work as hard and as long as possible.

This product also contains a muscle engorging complex with arginine AKG and beta-alanine, both of which help increase muscle density. Arginine’s muscle engorging effects happen when arginine is broken down into nitric oxide gas inside the veins.

This gas swells veins to carry larger amounts of blood into muscle structures for serious gains in muscle volume and performance. Beta-alanine’s effect are a bit more long term. Beta-alanine fuses with histidine inside muscles to form carnosine. Higher concentrations of carnosine actually thickens muscle fibers and allows them to work for longer durations of time.

Will EFX K-OTIC Really Work?

EFX K-OTIC’s Psycho-Intensifying Sustained Release Energy System is was a decent attempt at providing more energy and mental focus, but it’s a little too caffeine heavy. All the Xanthine derivatives in this product really make it prone to cause several caffeine side effects.

It also claims to provide mental endurance and focus but this blend only contains one beneficial nootropic and that is l-tyrosine. This compound is a precursor to neurotransmitters that help delay fatigue in nerve cells. But with just one ingredient like this, that mental boost may not be very noticeable.


EFX K-OTIC does have some good ingredients in its muscle building and engorging matrices, but its mental energy mix is a little too dependent on stimulants. You’ll probably see a lot of jitters and that might fry your brain to negate the positive effects of l-tyrosine. EFX K-OTIC is priced decently well at around $25. But there are really several other options out there that will give you more for your money.

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