E2 ProCharge Review

Any kind of athlete will benefit from the exciting new technology E2 ProCharge will provide during and after your workout, not just the intense body builder athletes.

A lot of protein supplements will not give your muscles and other crucial areas of your body the full amount of protein it needs when taking the product.

But with the new technology in E2 ProCharge, areas of your body that need the protein will get it without areas of your body that don’t need protein taking it away first.

E2 ProCharge Specifications

E2 ProCharge will give you the basic ingredients any other protein supplement will give you, but is built with the new Liver Bypass Technology (LBT) to make sure all the protein goes to the right parts of your body and is not hijacked by the liver.

With each serving you will get 20 grams of protein (40% daily value), 28 milligrams of cholesterol (9% daily value), 190 milligrams of sodium (8% daily value), and 15 grams of carbohydrates (5% daily value).

E2 ProCharge also contains natural ingredients to give you essential nutrients during and after your workouts.

Natural Ingredients are:

• Pomegranate
• Goji Berry
• Blueberry
• Blackberry
• Acai

What We Like about E2 ProCharge

The LBT takes away that terrible muscle and joint pain that often makes a person not want to work out at all.

Like other protein supplements, E2 ProCharge stays relatively on the low side with the calories with only 160 per serving.

Because it doesn’t contain caffeine, E2 ProCharge won’t give you that crash later that some supplements will. And because it will continue to work after your workout is over, you will have that natural boost that you need after an intense workout.

Along with all the other pros, E2 ProCharge helps to strengthen your immune system. It does this by using Leucine, Citrulline,ThioGen and GSH donors along with natural antioxidants.

What We Dislike about E2 PRoCharge

People like variety, and if you’re an athlete who is going to use a protein supplement for every workout, E2 ProCharge will limit you on flavors. E2 ProCharge only comes in two different flavor and both are going to hit that sweet tooth.

Flavors are:

• Chocolate Ice Cream
• Vanilla Ice Cream

Unlike some protein supplements, E2 ProCharge has 7 grams of sugars in each serving, an amount that may be too much if you’re trying to avoid sugars.

E2 ProCharge will give you the basic nutrients any other protein supplement will give you, but the list of other ingredients is a long one.

Overall Impression

The new LBT technology just about sells this product by itself if you’ve experienced problems with other protein supplements not giving your muscles that full amount of protein.

The pros seem to outweigh the cons with this product. One of the only things that may hold you back is the 7 grams of sugars that are in each serving. Another may be that the flavors are limited to the two different ice cream flavors – if you’re a person who wants to have a fruity option, E2 ProCharge won’t provide that for you.

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