Dymatize ISO-100 Review

There are so many protein powders out there and it’s impossible to look at all of them before making your decision.

I’ve taken the time to research Dymatize ISO-100 thoroughly to give you all the ins and outs of this protein powder. All you have to do is make the decision.

First, let’s look at the formula to see to see how Dymatize ISO-100 stacks up against top-rated products, like Myotein.

What Does Dymatize ISO-100 Contain?

Often, protein powders contain unnecessary or extra ingredients, but Dymatize ISO-100 only has necessary and basic ingredients in its formula. The main, and actually the only type of protein, is whey protein isolate.

This is the purest form of protein available, which is why it’s also found in Myotein and other top products. It is pre-digested and gets absorbed quickly, which helps your body get nutrients and energy right away. Each serving of Dymatize ISO-100 has 24 grams of protein (Myotein has 26), which is 48% of your Daily Value.

The Facts About Dymatize ISO-100

Dymatize ISO-100Each scoop of Dymatize ISO-100 (28 grams) has zero grams of fat, sugar, or cholesterol; and only has 1 gram of carbohydrates. There are 106 calories in every scoop. (These numbers vary slightly depending on what flavor you choose).

Compared to the Myotein formula, Dymatize ISO-100 has less of everything except calories. Both products have an equal number of calories per every 28 grams.

Because of the processing Dymatize ISO-100 goes through, it should mix instantly and dissolve quickly. It mixes and tastes best when added to water or milk. If you’re going for low-fat and low-calories, you should probably stick with water or skim milk.

Dymatize ISO-100 comes in six different flavors: Cookies and Cream, Gourmet Vanilla, Gourmet Berry, Gourmet Chocolate, Pina Colada, and Smooth Banana.

Is Dymatize ISO-100 Safe and Effective?

Unless you have a milk allergy, Dymatize ISO-100 should be safe to take. Often, protein powders cause side effects because they use too much protein. This won’t be a problem with Dymatize ISO-100 because it has a dose of protein that your body can utilize fully; so there won’t be any excess or waste.

Because it uses fast-absorbing whey protein isolate, Dymatize ISO-100 should be effective as a morning, pre-workout, or post-workout supplement that increases energy, stimulates muscle growth, and promotes faster recovery.

How to Use It

I recommend taking 2 scoops of Dymatize ISO-100 a day. This will give you 58 grams of protein or 96% of your Daily Value. It would be best to take these scoops separately; for example, one in the morning, and another before or after your workout. You could safely take 3 scoops a day, but I don’t suggest doing this. Your body can only handle so much protein each day, so more really isn’t better. If you take more than you need, it will just get wasted.

Dymatize ISO-100 is designed to be a muscle-building supplement. But its low-calorie, low-carb formula also make it a great meal replacement drink for people who want to lose weight.

What’s the Cost?

Dymatize ISO-100 comes in sizes of 1.6 lbs, 3 lbs. or 5 lbs.

The price for 1.6 lbs. ranges from $27 to $47. For 3 lbs., you pay anywhere from $48 to $74. And for 5 lbs., the cost is between $69 and $85. These prices are what you can expect to pay for a product with this formula and quality. If you want more in the formula and more quality, you’ll have to pay a little more.

For example, 2.5 lbs. of Myotein costs around $50 to $60. This is because it has 6 types of high quality protein, whereas Dymatize ISO-100 has just one. Myotein also has a 100% money back guarantee and Dymatize ISO-100 doesn’t, which means you try the latter protein powder at your own risk.

Final Thoughts on Dymatize ISO-100

From what I’ve seen, Dymatize ISO-100 has more pros than cons and is a great protein powder; if you’re looking for something that tastes good, dissolves easily into liquid, and is easy to drink and digest.

A couple downsides are that Dymatize ISO-100 only has one type of protein and it doesn’t come guaranteed. Using more than one type of protein increase the chances that your body will response and get results. Because Dymatize ISO-100 doesn’t have a guarantee, you may not get a refund if you don’t get results.


Dymatize ISO-100 could be a good product, but Myotein is the best. It has 6 clinically-proven, high-quality types of protein. Customer ratings for Myotein are some of the highest I’ve seen. It also comes with a guarantee so you can try Myotein risk free.

I recommend considering Myotein as an option before you settle on Dymatize ISO-100.

If you’ve tried Dymatize ISO-100, please share your comments, thoughts, or experiences below!

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    Im on my 2nd week of my workout now and i just bguhot a protein shake wich will arrive some days from now it says it contains 34g of protein,17g of carb n 3.2g of fat per scoop so im 17 now and it says i shuld take the shake 1 hour before workout and after workout but wat i dont get is am i suposed to take it everyday or just the days im working out can u advise me on the best way to take them?

    May 24, 2012 at 6:14 pm

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