Dark Matter Review

We are always relieved when we come across a protein powder that does something besides just offer protein. It gives us confidence that the manufacturers have more of an idea of how protein works with other elements in the body to make an effective muscle building routine.

In a heavily saturated marketplace like this one, it’s good for a protein supplement to differentiate itself from the competition and that’s what Dark Matter has done.

Aside from just being a protein supplement, Dark Matter has equipped itself with varieties of creatine, amino acids, and insulin manipulators to offer a comprehensive range of results.

Dark Matter Ingredients

Dark Matter contains three different kinds of creatine. One provides instant jumps to ATP while another offers a sustained release system for prolonged delivery.

With extended access to more ATP, your muscles can work more intensely for longer periods of time. This will ensure big gains in strength and muscle mass overall.

Dark Matter is also packed with amino acids. It has all the BCAA’s to spark protein synthesis so the body can build new muscles and repair old ones. However, it contains methionine, a building block of creatine, and histidien, which is a precursor to carnosine.

With more carnosine, muscle fibers thicken and become more resistant to lactic acid, allowing them to work longer without experiencing fatigue.

To boost recovery, Dark Matter includes waxy maize and C3G anthocyanidins. These ingredients help the body improve insulin resistance.

Will Dark Matter Really Work?

Despite the refreshing new ingredients, Dark Matter has its shortcomings. The biggest one is perhaps its lack of protein. In every serving, there is only 12 grams of protein. It seems they forgot to include 12 more grams as they were looking for other ingredients to throw in.

A good rule of thumb for a protein powder is around 25 grams. 12 isn’t going to get you enough muscle building material.

Though there are a lot of other ingredients than can be helpful, they do not have an effect if they do not have enough protein to work with.

Consumer Reviews

Reviews we found mentioned that this supplement did help them gain a little, but not quite to the extent that they were hoping. Also, many thought that it was expensive and did not like that it added artificial coloring and dyes.

Otherwise, they mentioned that they thought it tasted great and mixed better than other supplements they had tried before.


Dark Matter really came close to meeting our expectations but ultimately, it fell short. Without enough protein, we can’t recommend trying it. Though there are ways that you could supplement protein through your diet to help make the ingredients in Dark Matter worth it, it may be better to look for supplements that can give an adequate amount of protein.

With a unique formula and different ingredients than those you normally see, we can understand why retailers sell Dark Matter for around $44. However, the general ineffectiveness of Dark Matter seems to negate all the other processes that the ingredients can go through.

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Dark Matter User Reviews

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  1. Comment

    Even tho it only
    Has 12 grams if your diet is good you can still build amazing muscle I built 8 pounds of muscle on a single tub of dark matter, so in my opinion it works

    Robert Christiansen
    January 10, 2014 at 8:34 am
    • Comment

      I am curious, in addition to the DM did you supplement stir any other protein powders after the hour time they recommend to wait? Also, we’re you using the 1 or 2 scoop recommended dosage?

      Joe Sullivan
      May 13, 2015 at 11:19 pm

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