Cytofuse Review

As you might expect from a protein supplement, Cytofuse aims to push your body into muscle-building mode.

It supplies protein to fuel new growth and extra muscle mass. It’s also formulated with plenty of carbohydrates to help athletes refuel their glycogen stores for increase energy.

These results obviously sound desirable but is Cytofuse really equipped with the right ingredients to get the job done?

About Cytofuse

Cytofuse does use a highly filtered whey isolate protein. This form of protein can help decrease the risk of bloating, cramping, or flatulence. Its also a great source of materials your body needs to spark protein synthesis and build new muscles.

Will Cytofuse Really Work?

Though whey isolate is a great form of protein, Cytofuse only offers 21 grams of it per serving. Compare that to the 52 grams of carbohydrates and you should really see a problem. Anytime a protein supplement has more filler than protein, you know you should probably start looking into other options. The added carbohydrates will help boost glycogen stores, but so will a piece of bread. Don’t be fooled into paying for more carbs.


In all, we definitely recommend NOT using Cytofuse. Its mix is all off and tragically flawed. There is not enough protein and there are far too many carbs.

Its formula might help you build a little bit of muscle but there just is too much carbohydrate filler to make it more effective than other products. These extra carbs bring down the cost-effectiveness of this product overall.

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