Complete Protein Diet Review

Complete Protein Diet is the formula that will finally help you to get all of the greater benefits.

Created by Optimum Nutrition, Complete Protein Diet supposedly offers you the ultimate source of protein, providing as much as 35g per serving from 6 different sources to help you to get benefits you need as well as 26 essential vitamins.

Manufacturers claim that Complete Protein Diet has 200 filling calories per serving, which is actually rather high, and apparently, it will finally give you only 3g of carbs and 1g of sugars.

But does Complete Protein Diet actually have what it takes?

About Complete Protein Diet

Complete Protein Diet has some good ingredients. Obviously, they have protein, which is the whole point of a protein supplement. Complete Protein Diet, however, does not actually have the right amounts of the protein you need to build bigger stronger muscles. Yes, manufacturers talk about using 36g because they’re trying to sell a product, but those 36 grams are completely unusable. You cannot actually get the benefits of this, because they use only bottom-of-the-barrel proteins.

These do not absorb well, they cause upset stomach, and frankly speaking, their so called 26 essential vitamins really have no bearing on all of this. It will just end up causing more harm than good.

Potential Side Effects

If Complete Protein Diet had used high-quality proteins in their clinically proven amounts, these side effects could have been avoided. However, many consumers complained that Complete Protein Diet caused constipation, diarrhea, bloating, cramping, vomiting, and gas, as well as numerous other digestive issues.

Product Price

You can currently buy Optimum Nutrition’s Complete Protein Diet from the manufacturers for a whopping $101.49 – which only contains 40 servings of the protein supplement. This is outrageously priced, to say the least. There are purer sources of protein for a fraction of the price, and we honestly can’t figure out why manufacturers think they can get away with selling the formula for so much.

Fortunately, there are other online sellers such as that allow you to buy Complete Protein Diet for about half that price including shipping. Most protein powders sell for around $20-40 for a bottle that size, and complete protein is still fairly price at $52.82 (includes shipping).

The Taste

Because protein powders often taste chalky or gritty, manufacturers typically like to offer a formula in a wide variety of flavors to make the protein more palatable (and consequently more sellable). However, Complete Protein Diet is only available in Vanilla, so if you’re not a fan, you’re stuck with the taste.

One of Complete Protein Diet’s redeeming qualities, however, is the fact that it mixes well and many consumers report that it tastes great.


We would not recommend using Complete Protein Diet because it does not help you to achieve any results, and they only use extremely low quality ingredients, which is why none of this is really a big surprise. We cannot wholeheartedly recommend this product (especially when purchased directly from the manufacturers), and feel that you’d be better off investing in a more reliable formula.

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