Clif Bar Review

If you are looking for a way to increase your energy levels and get a major protein boost before an intense workout, you should learn more about the Clif Bar.

Clif Bar is actually a line of different energy and protein bars meant to help you to effectively improve and increase your workouts.

According to the makers of Clif Bar, this protein energy bar will give you an all-natural protein boost, providing you with sweet indulgence in every bite.

Clif Bar is also advertised as having healthy, all-natural ingredients like soy, nuts, low glycemic foods, no trans fats or partially hydrogenated oils, and the only all natural protein bar for something that is delicious and effective.

But will a Clif Bar really help you boost your protein levels and give you the energy that you need to get the most out of your workouts? Or would you be better off with a leading protein product like Myotein?

Taking a more in depth look at a Clif Bar will give me a real idea of what I can expect.

About Clif Bar

Clif Bar does have protein and other essential nutrients. Clif Bar also has quite a few calories, carbs, sugars, and other things that really don’t need to be there in these so called workout bars. Moreover, they barely have any real protein, using only 20g and low quality proteins at best.

With Clif Bar, you do not actually get the right amounts of anything, including vitamins and minerals that don’t actually promote weight loss. They are there for another purpose. With all of this in mind, Clif Bar is just like a candy bar in so many ways, often using real substances like chocolate with all of its calories, sugars, milk, etc.

That being said, Clif Bars actually are pretty good sources of fiber, providing you with five grams of dietary fiber in every bar. This means that you are getting 20% of your daily recommended amount of fiber.

Should You Turn to Clif Bar if You Need a Healthy Protein Boost?

Though Clif Bar is not exactly unhealthy, it really is not your best option if you want a low calorie, low sugar protein option.

Instead, I would definitely recommend turning to a proven protein powder to give you the energy boosts and muscle gains that you are hoping for. For example, Myotein is one of the top rated protein powder products on the market right now; its positive customer reviews really make me confident that it will give you exactly the results you need.

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