Body For Life RTD Review

With Body For Life RTD, you will get the ultimately powerful formula that will help you with all of the results that you would need.

They claim that it will give you powerful nutritional shakes, and Body For Life RTD is the magic bullet using shakes that are balanced and nutritious.

Body For Life RTD can help you to maintain or build a better physique than ever before without as much effort and hassle, and they even claim to have the best possible taste for your greater enjoyment. But does Body For Life RTD work?

About Body For Life RTD

Body For Life RTD as with any other shake, has vitamins and it has protein. Body For Life RTD does not have the right amounts of anything. They focus almost entirely on the vitamins which really do not build more lean muscle mass, nor do they actually burn fat.

This being said, the simple fact is that Body For Life RTD only has a mere 15g of protein. For any kind of protein supplement, that is tiny to say the least, especially considering the higher number of calories found in this particular formula.


Body For Life RTD is not by any means where it’s at. It does not have the right amounts of protein or anything else, and ultimately speaking, it does not give you a lot of what you would hope for. With Body For Life RTD, you are more likely to suffer an upset stomach than anything else, and it definitely does not have sufficient amounts of protein to say the least.

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